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  1. Don't feel to bad... You don't get your choice in RL either. Your aircraft is where it is and the Handler does not care what you think or want.
  2. The launch weight board is a good idea... The value shown at the catapult could be pulled from the load you requested when configuring your aircraft in either ME or adjusted with the F-10 menu. You could then vary the aircraft end speed (end of CAT stroke) by errors in actual weight and weight approved by the Pilot during CAT hookup. There should also be a penalty for landing over Max-Trap weight... A little over - damage... or a Lot over - cable break and/or hook-point separation and damage.
  3. As someone who has done both ... RL and Sim traps ... what's missing is the physical sensation of deceleration and being thrown forward into your straps... Not something even Navy RL simulators can duplicate. I would focus Future Super-Carrier improvements on the AirBoss station, better CATCC operations, ACLS, the Burble effect and pitching and rolling decks.
  4. Bonz

    Field IFLOLS

    The perfect place to add a Naval Air Station in DCS is on the Nevada Map. NAS Fallon is already within the maps scope. It's visible in ME... I have a mission that uses the Fallon Bombing Ranges. The airfield itself would have to be upgraded to a functioning airfield within DCS... But I can't imagine that would be all that difficult. Probably more of a priority issue. However, you would probably want to upgrade the city of Fallon as well... with just a bit more work ED could add the RENO area with Stead Airfield... for all those folks interested in doing Air Races and Airshows. All Naval
  5. I see that... I thought I had, but didn't see it. Thanks.
  6. FLAPS Light on lower left panel This light should come on with the Battery on and no hydraulics is available... It's a critical step on the aircraft shutdown procedure... The light should come on when hydraulics reads zero on both systems and the Battery is still on. Only then can you turn the Battery OFF. Ref: III-7-35 of the NATOPS Flight Manual. There is a WARNING... WARNING: Turning battery switch off before the amber FLAPS light illuminates could result in severe uncommanded flight control movement. The only cockpit indication that hydraulics have been removed from the flight
  7. The OFF position should turn the radio and the channel indicator OFF... but doesn't...
  8. FLAPS Caution on the Lower Left Instrument panel incorrect The FLAPS (amber) indicator caution light on the front instrument Panel should illuminate after engine shutdown prior to securing the Battery due to Lack of Hydraulic Pressure. It likely won't come on right away but the pilot should verify that the FLAPS light illuminates prior to turning the Battery OFF. Reference NATOPS Manual paragraph... Flap Position Lights.
  9. I have the "Use custom DCS Path: checked even though it is the default path... C:Progrm Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta. This did not correct my issue... the menu continues to cycle and although what I say is recognized... nothing happens in game.
  10. One additional statement on development of complex projects. I had the chance to fly the Hornet before leaving the Navy back in 89... I had been an A-7E pilot in the fleet in my first assignment and an A-4/F-5 adversary pilot in my last assignment... Fortunately I left for a job where I could continue to fly small jets. In this new job I helped install three completely new cockpits in two different jets (T-38 and WB-57). Rarely did I ever fly a feature complete aircraft. Everything I flew, was continually looked at by its community for ways to improve and update it and make it better for i
  11. Glad you did the survey... Nice to know ED's future focus... Great job on the SC... seems to have added signficant stability to boat ops... Press-on
  12. Why do we still have to reset the export.lua file to correct this issue... Is it something that Voice Attack and Viacom creators can discuss with ED and DCS World to develop a solution? Is it something they can place in the Saved Games folder so that it isn’t changed with every update? Just asking... obviously, not a programmer.
  13. I’ve got this same issue... I’ve had this issue... It’s been around for quite some time... Is the “fix” truly deleting the export.lua file each time? It seems that we are not fixing the problem but just temporarily hiding the symptom! Is there a real solution for this issue?
  14. In a related issue, to my previous submission about Voice Attack recognizing what I say but taking no action... The DCS comms menu cycles in view and out again about every 7 or 8 seconds. It does this despite my having selected in the Viacom Pro plugin to HIDE MENUS. Another possible clue to what’s happening is that Viacom Pro doesn’t always recognize the MODULE I’m in... This program is very useful when it works, but it has high overhead to keep working. I’m hoping that it’s just me not having something set correctly... just need to find out what that is. Hollywood 315... I reviewed y
  15. Recognizes Command but takes no Action Recognition of command (evidence in Notification window) but no Action... I've been using Voice Attack with Viacom Pro for a long time. This particular problem keeps coming back... I search for a fix and think I apply it correctly … the problem disappears for a few days, but returns... So I guess I just don't understand what's causing it and/or I'm applying the fix incorrectly or applying the wrong fix. Can someone help me understand this issue and hopefully help me solve it permanently.
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