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  1. If you are going to spend the time, then a better approach would be to test at 5K and at least 15K to get some separation in performance. SL is a waste, there are not charts for that for obvious reasons and you’d be interpolating. Couple things to keep in mind. The Ps charts are developed by flight test maneuvers including acceleration profiles and turn derivatives including windup turns and spot checks, and are largely mathematically derived. They aren't accurate to tenths of G's through the entire spectrum. The whole idea of Ps comparison is to give a pilot general idea of perfo
  2. If the wings are swept far enough aft the spoilers will bias out, but the main reason was to keep the wings from moving with little velocity changes. If they were just on the edge, they may bump a few degrees, which shifted the aerodynamic center of lift and cause a pitch and trim change. It wasn’t that big of deal when you were tanking every flight on deployment. You got so good at it that you’d be upset if your probe touched the basket at all, and didn’t hit dead center on the coupling itself. DCS is orders of magnitude more difficult. Same thing when we did formation aerobatics.
  3. I start with fuel that is a two thousand pounds over target to allow for burn time to settle out, if I can’t get stable, I simply reset or work on something else for a few minutes. Good news is that we’re on the same page. I looked at the TMN vs KIAS and calculated it out for a standard day at 5000 MSL to ensure that we weren’t missing something in a temperature or position error, but it works out to within four knots vs chart. To make it straightforward, I used .5 .6 and .7 Mach on the chart and correlated that with KIAS (careful that the TAS doesn’t get switched on on
  4. Need all of that, with emphasis on weight, maneuver flaps operating, KIAS instead of Mach for target, and a stable turn for at least a full 360 or more. It is not valid to take a transitory snapshot. I hope your technique isn’t what I saw on the video on this thread. To set this up, start twentfive knots slower than your test point, on altitude and at the correct weight and load out, plug in the burners and carefully roll into your bank as you apply G. Use less G initially than predicted, and increase as the ASI approaches the test velocity, increase G and bank for a level turn, us
  5. You need to link or PM the F14 data that you are referencing.
  6. Speaking generally, far beyond just sims and gamers, there is an inordinate amount of drama about pretty much everything. It’s ridiculous and childish. The sim world is beyond the pale, and it’s a facet of human nature. People love to complain, it makes them feel important, many are just immature kids that haven’t experienced the seasoning effect of adulthood. You see it every time an update is release. Someone will immediately snark about something missing. Some of the IL2 gang are seemingly playing the game from the looney bin, and don’t get me started on the YouTube creators. I
  7. Count me as one who is continually astonished that all of this is created from nothing... It’s kind of like walking down 5th Avenue in NYC and realizing that everything that you are looking at, the towering buildings, the vehicles, the products for sale in the shops, including Tiffany’s, all came out of the ground. Hell, the F14 came out of the ground, and the minds of a group of geniuses. So why are so many perpetually pissed off about something trivial?
  8. Pretty amazing. It’s basically a labor of love...
  9. I should say that refueling in the sim is more difficult than in RL, once you got proficient there wasn’t much to actually plugging. Some of the night rendezvous got a little sporting... The sim is mostly a control issue caused by differing controls, curves and screen response, which is dependent on each individual’s set up.
  10. Sorry, just thought that you needed a hug. The raison d'etre for moving the wings aft was to put them in a position so they wouldn’t move and cause a pitch bobble while trying to plug into the basket. The secondary reason was to slightly increase the pitch, supposedly to get the tails out of the jet exhaust of something like a KA6, but that really wasn’t an issue. Same idea with the maneuver flaps, if either system was in a realm where they would actuate, then you were changing the trim and the pilot had to counter with a stick input. Are you sure you don’t need a hug?
  11. Sometimes I forget that we have former USAF cargo drivers here. Sorry that you feel wounded. I can send you a per diem check and one of my puppy’s cuddle toys if you like.
  12. Bomb mode is easiest to set up and is appropriate behind a 280 knot KC135, but a couple of clicks of manual “AFT” was what most pilots did, just to get the wings off of the “Auto” schedule. Organic tanking was done at 250KIAS, so that technique worked well. You don’t want the wings moving, and getting the nose up slightly was more comfortable. Behind a C130, maybe only one click aft, and you might hold the maneuvers slats in the retracted position depending upon your weight and what speed he was lumbering along at. Never at 68. The KC10 was the easiest plat
  13. Can you take a screen shot of the chart you are referencing and post it here? Also, posting the data points that you are referencing will help- I need altitude, weight, configuration and specific indicated airspeeds that you are testing.
  14. Well said. I’m involved as a way to preserve the heritage of the aircraft and those who put so much effort into designing, building maintaining and flying the beast. It’s a way to share and preserve the legacy with everyone. The old girl deserves it. The whole thing was such a mystery to us until we got to finally have a go, but now, everyone can see what it was like. Looking back, there is much I’d like to know about how various aircraft flew and were actually used tactically, but the folks who know the answers are long gone. Even the current owners of old war birds st
  15. The F5 is a great trainer. Not a bad idea to master it before moving up. I’ve already mentioned the Korean era jets as good basic ACM platforms as well. Of course people approach DCS in different ways. Some are interested in goofing around and that’s fine, but that approach isn’t interesting to me nor is it worth my time. I am most certainly not here for that, and if that is your mindset, you should skip my posts and go have fun doing your thing. Flying instruments in jets is a bit different. Jet’s are flown on IFR flight plans almost universally, and even under VFR rul
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