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  1. A nice video Phil just made illustrating why curves are necessary (MSFF2 is much shorter than Spitfire's control column) and saturation is not the way to go (it limits your range). Is it really such a huge task to add an option "to have the elevator axis centred with FF joysticks" into the Special option menu?
  2. I doubt it. They always go to ask Yo-Yo and he calls it a feature because he doesn't use axis curves. It could be the language barrier, I might try it again in Polish.
  3. Hello. Is it possible to put one of the guns from the WW2 planes onto lets say the Halftrack? Asking for a friend. Thanks a lot.
  4. Could you at least make it an option (to offset the centre when using FF) in the Special Settings section? It's quite arrogant to claim we are not supposed to use curves and that's that, especially when Spitfire is the only plane that has this "feature". Thanks a lot for your consideration.
  5. Hello. I have a strange issue. I have a Pimax 5K Plus running on 2080ti. Unless I go really low on my settings (basically the LOW preset), I'm getting a weird choppy/stuttery/jittery/ghosty/doublevisiony effect when I'm looking around. I'm almost certain processing power is not the issue. The reason for my certainty is, that when I Alt-Tab out of DCS, everything is smooth as butter even on the highest settings, but the instant DCS gets focus again, the choppy effect is back. The spectator VR view on a monitor is also smooth. Anyone has any idea what the solution might be?
  6. If you need any data, we will be happy to help. http://www.typhoonlegacy.com
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