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  1. Hey there ! I did want it a bit dark but too much. Maybe overdid it. Will fix it ! Thanks for letting me know !
  2. Dear Massimo, I will say only one thing : It's little things and gestures like this that makes me feel that JDF is worth the effort. I hope Thrust is smiling also. Thank you.
  3. Dear friends, What I see is two guys, that for all I know from past communications come accross as both nice, ruining their day and the fun they can have. We have two choices : We go on forever arguing "you did this, you did that" and get the discussion really ugly OR we can forget what has happened, make peace, SMILE, and think this over. We are locked in our houses, and I hope each and every one of you is healthy. There, first reason to smile. Then, we have nice computers, great simulators and nice servers. More smiles. We can play with things that are truly amazing
  4. Hi Thrust and company. Going straight t the point : - 1 vs 1 have no rules regarding game play as you get to choose your opponent. It's then between the two what goes and what not. Someone can always just leave the "offending" player to fight himself. Plus, in 1 vs 1 slots people usually expect the other player re-selecting a slot with 100 % health, so no worries there. - Friendly fire is already taken care of, with the auto-kick - auto temp-ban system. Not much we can do in the limited time that I have at the moment. I hope is is good enough. Plus veteran players almost always help newco
  5. Hi guys. The stats will be back. Also there will be a wall of shame. I will not publish anything from the past, but from the momemt that stas return. In the mean time all your score is registered, so do not worry about loosing anything (@Maxsin carry on fighting). To the best of my knowledge, no one is cheating with modified planes. The cheating I refer to is the changing of slots as to not register a death. We all know who is doing it (with lots of database proof), and we all know who is a good pilot. Closing this post, I would like to remind everyone that we all love planes and havi
  6. Hi Pulsar, If the maps were all free, we could have a rotation system. Once the new free map arrives, this is a possiblility, time permitting. But at the end of the day, JDF is not about the map or the mission. It's about close air combat, and the air is more or less the same on all maps :) Cheers
  7. Hi Carlos and company. There is not much we can do to fix this. ED should return the system as they had it before - registering a death when the player leaves his slot if not on a friendly base. I know it's very very annoying but this is internetz for you. On the other hand, I am in no way inclined to become a policeman, especially for a game. The idea is to have fun, make friends and become better dogfighter gamers. I have noticed that all this mess causes a lot of friction and really bad and unacceptable reactions from players. I have seen some language that makes me want to
  8. Hi Willie If you haven't already done so, here it is : - Register on the site - Go to your profile page - Click on the "copy" link. This will copy your RSV code so you can paste it later - Launch the game and connect to any JDF server (stable or open beta) - Once connected, press SHIFT + TAB - The chat window should be shown, and you should be able to type. - Instead, press CONTROL - V to paste the coped code and press enter. You should get a "RESERVATION OK" message. More details with pictures here: justdogfight.com Cheers !
  9. Hi darkman Yes, a kill to death ratio is possible. As you say for some areas (like 1v1) it has slightly different definition as 99% of players just eject after a kill. For the other areas it's a bit more involving but still doable to a great degree of accuracy. At the moment the scoring system is on hold as I am collecting data to see the amount of storage required. This will play major role in database optimizations plus archiving data (thus loosing granularity in the process). Also note that at the moment the kills is just as DCS reports them (what you see on the chat area) without an
  10. Hi Luichek. Name corrected. I have to thank you again for the offer. The least I can do is let the video run from your YT channel for some time (2-3 months ?). You should get the views and the likes :) After that we see. OFC your name is there to stay. Only let me know if you want to take the video down before that. Best regards
  11. Hey there Luicheck ! You video is on our main page. And it looks stunning. You nickname is also at the very bottom along with the rest of the team. If you prefer something else than your nickname, let me know ! Did I say thanks ? :)
  12. Hi again ! Many thanks for the offer. I may ask you to somehow send me the file. I'll have to rethink the front page of the site. I do mean it that it is one of the best DCS (and not only) videos I have seen. Captures the moment, the excitement, the action, and I better stop here or I will start sounding like those late night film critics LOL I have already posted it on the site news, but it needs a more prominent place. Time permitting, it will happen soon. Again, a big thanks to you and of course all the people that make the server worth joining. As I have said many times before, an emp
  13. Hey Darkman ! Very nice video indeed ! The "b2" server has them on. No bandwidth issues there. I have them on with no delay. I don't think it gives any advantage as the moment you spawn you are in the enemy's nose anyway. And I have to agree with you, it's a great learning tool. Cheers !
  14. luichek, I don't just like it, I LOVE it ! What can I say ? This is front-page material. I will be honored if you let me put it on the front page of the site (ofc with full attribution to you, nickname or whatever you want mentioned). A BIG thank you. Keep flying and having fun ! Flighter
  15. Hi Barracuda ! I have just resent the activation e-mail. Please check any spam folders you may have, although at least another 4 users have registered successfully after you. If the problem persists please let me know. You are right on time for the new stats system :) Cheers !
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