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  1. Had it happen again to myself. This issue is still not fixed. The track: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5w739yyxb6jxd7m/SoW - June 23 1944 - AM v100-20210511-115400.trk?dl=0 And here's another instance, also no hydraulic pressure. Why is the tail body of the 51 made of flubber
  2. they're also too slow, and look like a flame burning in the open air with no wind, just sideways. They're also extremely visible by daylight. In the future, it'd look better as well if the exhaust flames were turned more into something like flashes, with a split-second lifespan for each. Additionally if the fires (hopefully one day, flashes) had their transparency turned up until they're invisible in broad daylight, and then vice versa as the sun sets...that would be slick
  3. There's something similar happening with the Spitfire, where hot oil temp that goes off the top end of the gauge doesn't affect the engine. At the moment, the temperature to watch is the coolant (don't let it get over 130C), since oil temperature for the inlines is somewhat irrelevant now.
  4. Going to add a +1 to this. Got my pilot knocked unconscious a couple times in the Spit, and while I blacked out in first person, I could still control my aircraft just fine. Only noticed because I looked in the external camera after I blacked out.
  5. I noticed this happening as well, same altitude roughly. It starts at around 15,000ft ish at the default atmosphere temp, and the needle keeps jumping around until about 17,000, where it stops jumping and steadies itself out as I continue to climb. It starts again as I start to drop altitude. Only seems to do this, like the OP said, if I push the boost past +10
  6. YES. Add head limits. The ability to break my head through the canopy and cockpit walls is one of the most immersion-breaking things in DCS, for VR users. And by a very large margin, it doesn't bother users. Too many people are afraid they'll get issues with it. Honestly, give one, two, three days max and you'll be used to it and you'll feel like you're actually sitting in a tight space...the cockpit A poll I made regarding the head limits in BoX: https://www.strawpoll.me/42395322/r
  7. I wonder if UGRA would integrate these textures into the map as a default. They're just so good
  8. Yeah try with buttons. I have mine bound to a up/down switch.
  9. +1 to this, lever is not moving correctly. The flaps on the wings themselves operate fine however. Just the flap lever animation is weird
  10. +1, second load into the mission will crash DCS
  11. If you load the bitter barrels, once dropped the models immediately changes to the pale ale barrel model. Additionally they explode on impact, as if they're a bomb. Also they accelerate into a spin as they fall. But mostly it's about the model changing and the exploding like a bomb on impact.
  12. When the propeller is viewed from the front, it will be obscured by clouds. However from the side, it is seen through it.
  13. Magic Zach


    I would rather a P-38J-15. It fits Normandy, there were quite a number of Lightnings in the skies at that time. We already have a Normandy map, why not complete a plane/map set first
  14. We don't have the 109G6. The 109K4 is completely irrelevant to Normandy. So please bring on the G6. Also, the Channel map is hardly used, irrelevant to any of the current aircraft, and has its own historical inaccuracies
  15. More visual effects would be great. Even for the mesh track fields, running aircraft kicked up quite a fair bit of dirt. Some of the oil smoke for cold engines and cold engine start would be great as well
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