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  1. Hey all, I do not know if this is campaign related at all, but the only time I keep experiencing crashes are right here, 25 minutes into mission 2. I enjoy it very much, or at least I would, but currently can not progress any further. I am attaching the crash files, can someone please help me out here? I am running on a 1080 card with 32gm RAM and a 7700k processor, installed on an SSD. After years without simming I started playing more lately and I am having fun, but can not figure out the issue on my own. Appreciated, thanks a lot in advance! dcs.log-20201228-203630.zip
  2. Please implement special assignment. Thanks a lot!
  3. As title says, I am asking the developers kindly. Have you ever thought about implementing camera shake by the aggressive nature of the forces during these maneuvers. On GoPro launch and recovery footages the shakes and bumps on the aviators head and body are very remarkable. As I watched the last stunning Case 1 landing video by Matt I feel this would add a lot of immersion. I might try to add some youtube sources below, however there are dozens out there, it is not necessary. Thank you!
  4. Please add me as a F-5 reserve as well! I could not make the last two rounds because I was late with work, looking for my opportunity now! :)
  5. I was working till later than expected, is there any chance I could still join you?
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