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  1. Why not both? If I had a choice the A-29 with all the bells and whistles would be my No. 1
  2. I would rather see this :pilotfly:
  3. Fantastic i was thinking of making this skin myself, if no one did it :) Big thx from Denmark
  4. Would be nice to have Denmark included. Stratetic placed as the doorway to the east. Small country but lots of bridges and Islands. And dont forget the little mermaid in Copenhagen and Carlsberg Anyhow the whole of Scandinavia would be cool.
  5. Well hello Sweden my old foe, we meet again ;)
  6. Forgot Les Chevaliers du ciel (Skyfighters) :pilotfly::thumbup:
  7. I can confirm its the F-86 that is causing the problem!
  8. I talked to a pilot once, he told me how they identified "hidden" vehicles fx. vehicles parked under structures by looking at the tracks on the ground. Maybe ED should implement tracks, that would for sure make it easier to find the targets. Just follow the bread crumbs :)
  9. There is a readme located here :thumbup: X:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Liveries\Mig-21_CP\custom Maybe take a look at how the english folder is done.
  10. Anybody made a description file, so we can add it to custom liveries in 1.5.2
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