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  1. Could someone please point me in the right direction, i noticed a large update today but cant seem to find any documentation on whats been changed. Thanks in advance. S~
  2. tried all that and no, not a lot of maps, its almost as if the folder isnt there anymore. tried deleting the folder , the game created a new one, tried to open the maps..... nothing, just as before its soooo frustrating
  3. thanks, will try that if i can get the game to see the mission folders..........
  4. hi, having an issue with starting a server through the game. i have been hosting through my game but when i tried tonight it would not start. i deleted the map i was hosting by pressing the minus button on the map box. when i press the plus button nothing happens, i rebooted and started the game again, when to the start server and the original map was back in its place. but when i press start it shows the loading screen for about a second then goes black and i have to alt tab and close the game from there. anyone have any ideas how to solve this ??? Update..... it seems that i cant open maps in the mission editor anymore either. i select open in the drop down and nothing happens
  5. Hi, i would greatly appreciate some help in the mission editor, i need to know how to place A\C on the map so they sit at an airfield waiting be called upon by the commander as an when required. I have looked in the manual but its explanations of how to use this add-on are somewhat limited. Thanks in advance S!
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