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  1. Yeah, we tried this but to no avail. :I this is what happens. i make the map(Nevada), added the trigger zone to clear the main city. go online, start new server, game loads in but then hangs(whilst it removes the objects i presume) after a few mins the game crashes., now i have had this work on much smaller areas, like for maybe a small village, but it wont clear the map. even if i use many small zones its the same event. His pc does meet the minimum spec, and his internet connection is ok as he can join other servers i host with different games and he could join the 1.5 servers also.
  2. Hi, as we all know DCS is very intense on resources( mainly due to the maps), one thing that could help some people with , shall we say, below par for the sim, computers, to at least fly would be maps with just airbases on them, minus all the buildings and niceties. maybe even if it is just one map, Caucasus for example, strip it, leave on the bases and lots more people can fly. so my addition to the wishlist will be clean versions of the maps. thanks
  3. Hi all, is there any way to extend the time it takes before the server kicks a player for timeout? we run campaign maps with large armies but some of the pilots have timeout kicks just before they finish loading the map. if i could extend by a minuet or so i feel they would be able to join. S~
  4. As its still not corrected by ED to date, i downloaded this and it works perfectly. Good job Thank you
  5. HILOK, i confirm Badcrc, all the ka-50 pits i have seen that are powered off have fuel gauges showing correct levels
  6. would be good if the server was like the old il2 servers, in short, the game in dos with no graphics, was perfect , i could run it on a laptop hosted upwards of 120 players a time. used hardly any resources. could use the same connection to host and fly.
  7. version number is i just hoped i didnt have to reinstall to get the latest version. Thanks for the help and thanks for the links S~
  8. Hi, my sim is installed into Program Files\Eagle Dynamics"DCS World OpenBeta" but release version is 2.5 stable. Is my sim the latest version or do i have to reinstall? Thanks S!
  9. Hi all, I am having an issue trying to save a key binding profile. i want one for monitor use and another for Oculus use, for each A/C. 1 Completely clear key and joystick bindings to start afresh (clear categorys for all but mouse, i have an X-52 with the guts of a rumble-pad II stuck to the throttle and a formula force ex wheel and pedals ) 2 Set new key/controller bindings to relevant options 3 Hit "save as" 4 Enter new profile name (viggen dave) 5 Select save so when i go to load profile, select viggen dave and hit OK, the original keybinding loads. tried deleting the profiles manually and repeating above process with the same results. Any ideas ?
  10. A selection of AI passenger jets, light a/c, private planes etc would be a nice touch :thumbup:
  11. would really like to be able to use touch controllers to move stick and throttle
  12. i am experiencing AI planes flying almost sideways. i build a map, say Normandy. i put a group of 4 planes to take off from parking, they start up, taxi and then take off as normal. then the lead plane banks left, the others follow, but they bank and slide. its as if the bank angle is too high for the turn radius so they slide. dont know how to make a vid so cant post one.
  13. S~ First off, Thanks for this, it is exactly what i need. After working through this thread to get it working, i see nothing of this issue i have. Completed the install on one PC, following the instructions to the letter, when i select a standard object, ie a farp or that checkpoint, it places a tank in the viewer window, and the same with other objects, it places a tank in the viewer. it also places a tank in the F10 map. I am not getting any error messages. Any ideas ? using v
  14. have to bump this, it is so difficult to place objects on a guess.
  15. Had this issue also, kinda destroys the immersion when non amphibious vehicles plough through rivers like boats. maybe a selection of AVLB's would come in useful ?
  16. Any chance you could fix this please? Select an artillery unit/group, Add enemy unit as its target then commence firing, select another friendly unit (a tank for example) now go back to the first artillery unit and try and de-select its target. i cant seem to select the the target marker no matter how far i zoom in or out, it always picks up the unit being attacked. Thanks
  17. Did the updater and all worked fine now. thanks
  18. Thank you for the quick responses. S~
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