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  1. i see lots of responses to how to land the 25t but not a lot if anything about the taxiing issue, it looks like in sitting on a pneumatic drill, actually feels like the tire has blown out. i get that runways are not billiard table smooth and expect a little roughness, but the 25t is seriously exaggerated.
  2. GunnyCook

    Maverics ?

    Hi all, is it correct that i only have AGM-65E and G versions available ? i cant find the D, H or K versions. Thanks
  3. yeah, i start the server , then gui to load the map. gui says its runnin in green but the timer(also in green) does not start. and then in the dcs server page you linked me, it says its running there also
  4. i agree, i have paid a fair few quid out for modules for this and although i understand things have costings attached, it IS only fair that current modules are brought up to date, especially as the KA is a study sim and really needs to be fully functioning and at 50 quid i would expect it to be. IF BS3 is just an update of BS2, then its only right that it should be a patch for those who have already paid for it and whatever for new users.
  5. I find the AP strange as well. i press transition to level flight and she nose dives. i select attitude hold which engages altitude hold and she starts to roll. Radar altitude works to a degree but will still put her nose down. i find the AP "tricky" in the 25, i cant use it most of the time as i fly knapp and there isnt enough time to recover.
  6. Is there any way to run Rift without running Oculus software? Thx
  7. Exhaling a deep sigh........ says its running in your link. tried connecting via lan... nothing still says server offline. thanks for your help, i really do appreciate how far you have got me so far. But i fell i must give up the ghost and continue hosting through the game. shame as i was looking forward to online VR on my server.
  8. Spring sale grrrrr ED, for the love of god....PLEASE stop ending your sale 2 days before payday. Its torture..... seriously. Some of us cant afford 70 odd quid for a module and the sales are the ONLY way we can get some of these A/C. So when you end a sale so close to payday i weep. please think about it.
  9. yep just checked. ports open and directed straight to the server . so , a quick recap. created new gmail account just for the server and a new dcs account for same. both mine and my server are connected by Ethernet. installed dcs world on laptop. dl nevada map via updater(but cant use as it needs to authorize) opened ports started via cmd with --server --norender started gui connected gui to server selected Caucasus based map and click run server loads map and goes green. start dcs select multiplayer my server does not show in the listings :no_sad:
  10. so i run the server as per instructions, Thanks to all the help i have recived from members here it now runs and links with the gui controller. but is not seen in the multiplayer listing, and i still cant use any map other than Caucasus. it asks me to authorize Nevada. Any ideas ?
  11. apparently yes, i think maestro has 2 or 3 running
  12. yes, i created another dcs and google account just for the server, still it asks for authorization when the server logs in.
  13. tried again to make sure, yes, it is set to run in --server --norender but when it logs on it askes for serial no, then tells me its not authorized for my account
  14. another issue arises. so i ran the server, it did not go online. checked the logs and it said it couldn't load terrains, so i used the command lines in the updater to download the Nevada map as that is the one we are using and i didnt have time to dl all the maps. the issue is that now it says i cant use the maps until i activate, i was under the impression that the devs where supplying maps and asset packs for servers free of charge.
  15. You sir are an absolute Diamond. Theres me thinking the game was trying to load . Thanks again maestro. looks like it all works just fine :thumbup:
  16. did the command line bit, it asked me to login, then proceeded to load up the game. webgui was blank. is it supposed to load up the game after logging in?
  17. Maybe you could help me out here, i have stumbles at first hurdle. so i created an account for the server, downloaded dcs to my laptop. Placed a map in the missions folder in the user/save games folder. i open cmd window . i set it to c:\program files\eagle dynamics\dcs world\bin> then type dcs.exe --server --norender -w servername i also tried with the {servername} the game starts up and either goes to the main game screen or it desktops me just before the main screen loads. thats as far as i got. thanks Edit:- i even tried creating a shortcut to dcs.exe and adding the --server --norender -w {servername} in the properties (trying -- and / for switch activation) and running from there. it still starts the game.
  18. So, is there a manual or something on how to set this up, by looking at some of the posts to this thread it seems i need to create another account and download another dcs world, and will it run on an average laptop? it would be really nice if this setup info was to hand, perhaps in a locked sticky or something to stop noobs like me asking questions probably already answered on page 20 or something?
  19. so without pawing through 44 pages of posts, am i correct in assuming that :- the server is not stand alone, its just running another install of the game without graphics? and as i cant run 2 instances of the game on the same pc i will have to get another one? and there will be a map and assets pack for said server? Thanks in advance
  20. Fields, what was your callsign mate, i used to run JFC and when i left there i did a bit with uk Ded.
  21. So i have noticed that the water is one layer that sits under the main map, i think this is one of the big issues, water is the one thing , in most games i use, that uses the most resources and creates the largest hit to my fps. for example the Nevada map loads the water layer before the ground layer( on my pc) and i see it is the complete size of the map, but the map only has a couple of waterways so the whole later could be reduced in size to the size needed. perhaps the devs could try Nevada without the water layer and see if it ups the fps.
  22. Tried that but unfortunately it didnt work. Seems like if he joins the server it takes 4 mins to timeout, but he needs 5 mins to load in.. so if i can make the timeout kick last say 6 mins he should in theory be able to join every time.
  23. Not sure, the command line says remove and there is another for replace with destroyed. what i do know is that it removes them after the map has loaded so they to start off in the ram.
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