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  1. @Alpenwolf

    Honestly I'd prefer to see a complete rewrite using MOOSE at this point, and I'm willing to invest some of my code monkey time.


    i have never got on with moose, takes too much time and brain power to make it work, so this development that Ciribob has created with ctld is working out perfect for my needs, i fear if you rewrite it with moose and the support for this one fails, i would not have anything else to use.







    Did you get them to work, i followed the install instructions to the letter. I cant get them to work, all other aircraft mods work, what do I do to get VSN aircraft to work?


    No mate, i cant get them going, as with you, i followed the instructions, even did a reinstall of dcs just to be sure it wasnt a conflict with other mods...... still nothing

    i can get the AI to work, just put one on a strip and give it waypoints


    OK, Scrap that, i just downloaded the f14 SFM version, and it worked, going to try the rest.

    all i did was extract the zip and drop it into the mods/aircraft folder, that was it.

  3. Hi, so i D/L'd the E2D, Eurofighter, f14b, f15e and the fa18c/d.

    Extracted to the mods/aircraft folder, (doing the relevant bin and fm folders)

    add them into the map (on the s/carrier)

    i then run the mission but cant fly the planes, i click fly and am put into an external view of another plane. am i missing something?

  4. Since todays patch, the super carrier module has stopped working for me and a mate.


    I can see it in the mission editor, and can place them.

    When i load the map in multiplayer, the aircraft slot is available to select.

    I select the A/C and click fly.

    I am placed in external view at an airbase.

    I check the F10 map and there is no carrier showing.

    I re-enter the mission builder and there it is.

    This happens with all the carriers in the supercarrier module

    I tried reinstalling the module but it remains the same.


    Any ideas?


    Edit, it does not work in single player either

  5. Thanks for the template. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed by its quality: all the colors are on the same layer which makes adjustments really difficult. Now I'm re-building the colors layer by layer, but that's just pointless extra work. :(


    Did you manage to do this, i too am a tad peeved, that they haven't even updated it yet.

  6. Since last update, i have found that as soon as i hit the centre view key the game stutters when panning.

    Happens in all planes, helo's and ground units, map screen when scrolling in and out jitters back and forth. multi and single player, so far only tested cauc map

    Tested hardware and thats all ok.

    Haven't adjusted graphics settings for dcs since i set them up months ago.

    Checked logs but nothing related is in there.

    nvidia settings put back to default, and the same with dcs graphics.

  7. I get exactly the same, i trimmed the AC to level flight all good. hit level flight and she noses down, get into a turn, hit level flight and she levels wings and nose dives.

    same in a climb.

    when i fly the single player missions or training maps its all fine. but on multiplayer it always dives.

  8. What version are you running? as far as I remember this came with 2.5.6. It's been raised before so that's the best you can hope for - that it's acknowledged.

    There's no notifications for things that will happen in terms of bug fixes, never has been, so it's easier on your mind to just go with the flow and take the waves.


    i run the latest beta.

    Well i kinda hope it does get fixed, i have spent a lot of money on this sim, started back when it was just blackshark. And as its a major part of why i bought the sim(mission building) i would really expect a group of vehicles to drive down a road correctly.

    but i will "take the waves" for now

  9. It’s probably caused by your antivirus


    so i found this in my bit defender log


    \Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\AJS37\bin\AJS37.dll


    is infected with Gen:Variant.Ursu.840745 and was moved to quarantine. It is recommended that you run a System Scan to make sure your system is clean.



    so i restored the file, switched of bit defender


    still cant get into the plane :(

  10. Hi, I bought the module ages ago, but for some reason now i am unable to fly it.

    It is showing installed in the modules but when i go into the ME and put one on a map, it does not show up as gold in the plane selection and there is no "player" option available in the skill setting.

    there is only client.

    so i set it as client and run the mission, but when i select it and click fly it does not appear, i am thrown to an external view of an AI plane.


    i have uninstalled and reinstalled but sadly it still wont let me fly it.

  11. Having a slight issues with unit groups having minds of there own.

    so im running groups of T-80u down a road, could be any road, so here is how it goes.

    Start in multiplayer.

    Join side and pick a spot. happens as commander or as pilot/driver.

    Select group to move.

    Add waypoint.

    Set them off.

    The group will sometimes split up and rejoin, sometimes the one that splits will cause others behind it to stop and wait but the lead units keep going.

    Then they will run a staggered file of sorts down the road.(causing other issues if it meets an obstacle)

    The pics show what happens

    Any ideas please?










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