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  1. I'm pretty sure more than one pilot will be on the plane. Currently, on long haul stuff airlines might have two full crews onboard, or perhaps 3 pilots where the 3rd can spell the others. So this Airbus scheme is to get approval for one pilot only to be on the flight deck during high altitude cruise, the other(s) being able to rest. During takeoff, landing, ascent, descent and any other regime other than high altitude cruise, two pilots would be on the flight deck. Might be able to shrink crew sizes for the longest routes.
  2. My unit was shipped on July 20, arrived in Idaho, USA on July 31, no customs issues at all... was able to track unit throughout using various Russia Post sites. Unit looks great, solid construction, time to install ! Thanks Mikhail !
  3. Using “center” option, and with rudder adjust option on, not only does the stick have to be returned to center but the rudders also… saw this in some other thread about the MI-8, probably applies here as well…
  4. Hello K-51, please add me to list, shipping to USA... thanks !
  5. Sale ended already ? Sale until today July 14 ? On the store page seems sale prices gone... dilatory me was going to load up on $5 campaigns, thought today still a sale day ?
  6. Just finished Spring Tension, very enjoyable... after the end of the last mission, flying home with the music playing, sublime ! I did manage to make Mozdok on mission 4, shut down the bad engine when things started going south and kind of coasted in on one engine, was kind of a hard landing when I finally got there. it was close ! I can say that, despite some weird AI behavior, all of the missions are doable with the latest DCS updates applied. Campaign is highly recommended, lots of fun, immersive... by the end you really get the feeling that you can make the MI-8 do just about anything you want !! BTW, this is all in VR, really becoming the only way to fly ! And even more so for helicopters...
  7. from browsing this thread seems that IPD and controllers not functional using Vive ? Is that still a fair assesment as of this date ? Terry
  8. ugh, 3 hour own goal... I had the button assigned in the UI section, hence didn't show in aircraft setting... disregard ! thanks for the reply ! Terry
  9. I have seen similar problems reported in other threads. For me one button (BTN_3) on my Warthog joystick just will not bind. It shows in the profile but no function in game. After deleting from profile it cannot be bound, when choosing the button DCS does not recognize the button press. I can manually choose it using the dropdown list but still no function in game. Problem showed up on the Harrier but is the same with other planes. Deleting the input files from users/saved games... and rebuilding doesn't solve the problem. unplug/plug of the joystick no joy... restart(s) of DCS no joy... puzzling... Anyone else see this behavior, possible fix ? workaround is just to use another button for now... Terry
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