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  1. Hello everyone, is it just me or is anyone else experiencing problems with the parking (emergency) brake and the Syria map?! If I start the engines, the aircraft starts to move forward even if the parking brake is applied. The toe brakes are working and the aircraft stops or is held in place during alignment. Of course are the throttles in idle position. thanks and cheers
  2. Hello everyone, I just want to have some thoughts of you guys regarding my issue. If I trim the hind for a coordinated flight regime (black ball within the slip indicator is centered), the doppler drift indicator indicates left or right drift. If I trim the helo in that way that the drift indicator is zero, the slip indicator is left or right of center. There is no wind in this mission. Shouldn’t this be 0 on the doppler indicator and a centered slip indicator?! If not, which instrument to rely on? thanks and cheers
  3. Hello everyone, could someone help me out how to set up countermeasure programs or even where to find the countermeasures panel?! The quick start manual doesn’t have a single word about this topic. If I press the SNARS button on my stick it’ll deploy 4 or 5 single flares with a 1 second separation but how to alter different programs or switch between them? If the Hind just have one program, how to alter this one? cheers
  4. How do you guys even have an ultra option?! I’m having the option between low, standard and high. cheers
  5. just in case someone missed it
  6. I’ve found these backup folders in my DCS directory. Do I need to keep them? Are they relevant for running the sim or may I put them in the trash? Cheers
  7. Just in case, someone missed it
  8. Just wanted to share this with you guys, just in case someone is not on FB.....was dropped on that Platform 2days ago.
  9. Here you go.....scroll until the end of that post, there you’ll find the new axes and buttons
  10. I'm just curious how things are applied in real life? I mean, I do not always have a car, tank or whatever on my way to the AO or even no time for headsdown work and I can't think of, that you gonna orbit around your AO or Target and boresight your Mavericks first. So I assume there is a procedure to be done before you leave.....maybe in the weapon arming area, last chance position or anything like that where you boresight your mav's? Anyone has some info on that how the real deal is?! thanks in advance and cheers
  11. nima2014


    thought the mudhen is on ice?!
  12. so your're saying there is no difference at all?! I thought that there is maybe a submode or something if you switch on the A/P the one or the other way.
  13. Can anyone explain me the difference between the key bindings of LAAP ON/OFF (A on the keyboard) and the HOTAS BUTTON LEFT THROTTLE (Q on the keyboard) ? Both seem to switch on the autopilot. Cheers
  14. From ED’s Facebook launch trailer. Did I miss something or is it the standard JTAC which they’re referring to?! (At the bottom of the picture) Cheers
  15. The Mig is my only FC3 aircraft. I was setting up the controls and also binded Hotas buttons to the kneeboard commands as I’m flying in VR but these button do not work. The kneeboard pages are not switching forward or backwards, even with the standard keyboard commands, nothing happens. The kneeboard will open and close with both, the keyboard and the button on my throttle but I can’t swap pages. I already did a repair but no luck. Any ideas on that? Tomcat, F18, F16 and all other modules are working flawlessly just the mig29 is giving me a hard time. Cheers
  16. Having the same issue. So what to do after this thread has been titled “can not reproduce” open a new one again?
  17. Alrighty, thanks! This is just a very small thing, no deal breaker or something....just wanted to let you guys know :thumbup: Cheers
  18. During the Syria map cold start mission, the mudhen’s starting to Taxi out towards Rwy 09 and me and my wingman will follow. But this gooooooood AI wingman doesn’t realize that there is a narrow point to taxi through shortly after leaving the parking area, so he’s spreading his wings and breaks his airplane by hitting a building at the mentioned narrow point.....resulting in ejection. Cheers
  19. The changelog promised IAF and turkish skins for the viper. I couldn't found any in DCS after the patch, so I checked the changelog again and they're not listed anymore. Any word on this?! cheers
  20. the changelog was changed recently and the IAF as well as the turkish liveries have been deleted from the changelog :music_whistling:
  21. I would bet, as long as the pilots are not finished, we’ll not see the A model.....unfortunately!
  22. Yeah right, thanks. I was referring to these mentioned liveries as if there is any detailed information on it but let’s see and wait while drinking tea :thumbup::thumbup:
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