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  1. Cheers, thankyou Taz. Will try this out.
  2. Hey Taz, What would you recommend for a rift S user? I realise it has a lower resolution than the reverb. I have a PD set at 1.0 in DCS, but I’m considering installing Oculus Tray Tool so I can set the super sampling and maybe get a little more clarity...
  3. Couple of questions... How does the NXT compare with the Gladiator K? Is the K superseded by the NXT? Which would be more durable of the 2? Thanks
  4. Yep, me too. On both the latest and 2nd latest updates... Completely vanilla install on the Open Beta here.
  5. Just wanted to say thanks to Baltic Dragon for the new mini campaign for the M2K. Noticed it after today’s update. Very generous of you BD. Thankyou. pngflyer
  6. Haven’t heard anything for ages on the Mirage III. Is there still a plan for the MIII from Razbam. The original plan was for perhaps a multi version module iirc. This is not a “when will it be out?” question, but rather a “Is this going to be a thing?” question. Or have Razbam changed their mind on this and I missed the announcement? pngflyer
  7. pngflyer

    Free Map

    What about Australia? Specifically the North (Darwin, Tindal, Weipa, Cape York) WW2 - Significant allied (Australia, US) airbases located in these areas. Also suffered Japanese air raids, with RAAF fighters launched against the raiders. Bombers also flew from these areas, as well as Beaufighters, P-40’s, Spitfires and many other types. Modern - Current RAAF bases at Tindal and Darwin, both of which get super busy for operations like Pitch Black. Exercises in the area make use of the huge Delamere range/air space. This would be great for the Hornet (75 sqn based here), and for the Mir
  8. Here's another interesting fact. A side stick could be considered a liability in combat. When the Israelis were designing the Lavi, they decided to go with a center stick so that the pilot could still control the aircraft even with a damaged right arm... Sure, the odds are pretty low, but in certain instances a center stick could make the difference between an injured pilot getting the aircraft home or not.
  9. Here’s a great article for you fans of the 27. Enjoy. https://hushkit.net/2018/08/15/flying-and-fighting-in-the-mig-27-interview-with-a-mig-pilot/ pngflyer
  10. Yeah ok. I meant to write in one engine intake and not the other. Obviously it’s a single engine aircraft. pngflyer
  11. Hi, I’m reading Red Eagles at the moment. A great read. The Mig 23 was a pig to fly if those reports are to be believed. US pilots who flew it felt like the aircraft wanted to kill them, and was disliked by all those in the Red Eagles who flew it. It has some bizarre aerodynamic “quirks” which proved very dangerous. For example “air intake buzz” was a compressor stall in one engine intake and not the other which caused a yaw and a secondary roll at speed. This was very difficult to recover from under certain circumstances. Also, the 23 had a throttle interlock which physicall
  12. I just wanted to say thanks to ED for providing an offline mode. This means that I can enjoy all my modules/maps even if I can't get online, which is often for us. As someone who lives in a remote area this is really important. Thanks ED for listening to customer concerns, and for a very workable solution. pngflyer
  13. Thanks for the answers and the help guys. pngflyer
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