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  1. When radar on right DDI,In RWS mode,move the TDC to no target place and press designate.At this moment,before the scan line returns to normal scanning,press right DDI button 7 will cycle L&S. This doesn't look like the correct behavior.
  2. CDI(course deviation indicator) does not work when using DF, it works when using TACAN. CDI no deviation when using DF. stable version
  3. DCS F-5E ADF behavior is different from what is written in the manual( T.O. 1F-5E-1 and DCS F-5E manual). To use ADF navigation, the DCS F-5E need to rotate the UHF Radio Function Selector to the ADF position and the NAV MODE selector to the DF position. When the NAV MODE selector in the DF position, the MAIN and BOTH positions of the UHF Radio Function Selector does not activate the ADF navigation. However On T.O. 1F-5E-1,Page 115,item 2 is written: Page 109,item 8 is written: Page 116,item 9 is written(Same as DCS F-5E manual,different from DCS F-5E actual behavior): So,ADF
  4. Same location in summer, autumn, winter,same visually repetition texture.
  5. Season:spring Terrain texture:LOW 44°45'02"N 40°11'42"E 44°46'33"N 40°04'20"E
  6. In the first video,the Finnish F/A-18C does not need speed brake to keep the nose wheel up.
  7. Very thanks for your reply.:thumbup: FE=flight engineer? Are you a mi8/mi171 pilot or ground crew?
  8. This may be related to the position of the center of gravity, the force generated by the control surface, and the weight of the whole aircraft. Of course, there may not be. If so, it probably means that FM needs a lot of work. If the center of gravity, the force generated by the control surface, or the weight of the whole aircraft have problem, the possible effect is on the entire FM. Or maybe related to reverse ground effect.
  9. Is this Information in the manual(DCS Mi-8 manual or RL helicopter manual)?
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