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  1. I agree with Mr Gungriffen's line of thought. But only when the aircraft is purely for training. I particularly like the lineage of secondary aircraft, training, transportation, rotating etc. I like to fly them more than to the more complex modules. They are more fun. I would love to see more of these included in the DCS, it would be great to have classic aircraft like Alphajet, Provost, Fouga Magister, MB-326 plus more modern types like Yak-130, MB-346 among others. Aircraft of light or secondary attack are a very important complement, since they usually participate in confrontations of le
  2. Great news. But if it is just another random map for inclusion of generic aircraft it is better not to waste time. The game needs focus. The Falklands conflict with historic aircraft would simply be perfect !!
  3. The question is not increasing or not. Smoke must be realistic in intensity and duration. Be it little or enough. Each weapon has a characteristic, and this must be implemented and respected.
  4. The U.S. Air Force’s OA-X Program
  5. Embraer AMX A1 Martin B-57B Canberra McDonnell Douglas A-4E/F Skyhawk Douglas A-1 Skyraider Vought A-7B Corsair Grumman A-6B Intruder Mikoyan MiG-27
  6. Very interesting items listed by our friend. One of the major weaknesses of DCS is climate today. I do not know 2.0 environment but in 1.5 it is extremely poor and ugly. The desire would be somewhat similar to FSX for example, dense clouds, lightning, rain, drops on the windshield, fog, turbulence etc.
  7. Hope!! (War is not won only by "heroes") The Strikemaster was deployed by the Royal Air Force of Oman on several occasions during the Dhofar Rebellion, including a notable appearance providing Close Air Support during the Battle of Mirbat. Three Strikemasters were shot down over the course of the war, including one lost to an SA-7 missile. The Ecuadorian Air Force deployed the Strikemaster during the brief 1995 Cenepa War, flying ground sorties against Peruvian positions. An Ecuadorian Strikemaster crashed during a training mission in the Northern Border area, near Colombia, on 25 Mar
  8. I am waiting for this module with oldness, but I believe that if it leaves, it will be delayed ..
  9. I was doing some research and I came across these images ... So I wondered how this airplane is going ... Certainly a very attractive aircraft. I would certainly have this module, provided an armed version. Does anyone know what state this is?
  10. Guys, if there is already a similar post I do not know. The intention is more broadly to define a reference for development companies so that they can meet the demand of users, and have more profits for new developments. Below, I created a list with some aircraft just for example. The idea is to create a list of aircraft divided into types: Pure coaches, Armed coaches, Light attack etc etc. I've found other polls, but the idea is to focus all types on a larger list. Or divided by aircraft class, regardless of the season or nationality. But for it to be something orderly and usable a deta
  11. In reality, with the exception of the new WWII module, the DCs have no definite theater or period. It is simply a standard base with randomly added aircraft. In my point of view, this is very vague and meaningless. At least if we add operational opponents, we could have a starting point. And Probad, because so much hatred for the theater of vietnam .. I just mentioned aircraft that were operationally outstanding and I used vietnam as an example. It could be middle east, korea either ..
  12. In fact both the Bronco, the Dragonfly and the Skyraider would be very interesting options. I would include the Trojan in this list as well. But I believe that in order to be able to integrate, they should belong to the same period. In the Vietnam case.
  13. Pure coaches are interesting, but have a more "limited" Versions of combat-capable trainers have good marketing. A version of the AO-37B would actually be very good, I'd particularly love it. Commercially speaking, this aircraft had a good amount of operators, which could generate good profits for the developers.
  14. Personally, anyone would know if the lateral hook will be modeled in the future? How are you making the rescue of downed pilots in hilly terrain?
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