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  1. You CPU is okay, so you are fine there. You can look into overclocking it to squeeze out a little more performance. in your case I’d look into picking up a 1080Ti second hand as that would give you a nice boost.
  2. Tacview should have its own icon on your desktop, it is a separate program. When you run tacview it opens a new window and their you can open up a trk file to view.
  3. I would look at upgrading the RAM in the laptop to 16-32Gb. 8 is barely enough and you have to keep in mind your aGPU will be sharing the RAM with your system.
  4. Someone posted that they deleted their input folder for the A-10C II and it resolved a similar issue.
  5. Ensure you don't have the "Historical" Icon selected at the bottom of the ME. The A-10C II will not be available at all while that icon is selected. ED just needs to go in and set the time period the AC was available for. **EDIT** sniped by Arbil - I guess I took too long digging through the options to figure out what it was, nice find Arbil.
  6. Right... Because ICE vehicles never catch fire and people never get stuck in them...
  7. Revelation


    That would be my guess, hopefully we'll know soon enough.
  8. We’ll have to wait and see I guess. I was hoping it would be announced as well.
  9. Could be modeling some PVS-20s? That would be something else.
  10. Channel map and P-47 are up on ED's site, but you cannot actually buy it just yet.
  11. No they won't. They will come later in development.
  12. An easy workaround was posted by Maverick on his YouTube channel.
  13. I have read the manual; thanks for asking.... This isn't my first rodeo cucpcake and I helped countless people setup VA and Vaicom Pro. When one says "Finish Steps" how does that translate to click the finish button? By the way I have clicked the Finish button that did not work at all. However, as Hollwood suggested the resetting the database did the trick. Thanks for the guidance Hollywood.
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