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  1. Wasn't it in the past that we had to pull up with 4g's while the bombs are released? Anyway, during the last months I had same results with DYK when performing the steps you described above.
  2. Did some flights today trying with many variations. With asymmetric thrust yes, but all other options: No. Maybe asymmetric load-out might "help" ...
  3. Have you been able to fix it during the flight?
  4. Hello Machalot! I had this from time to time in the past, but I hadn't used the throttle detent binding/function (I know ... *full_of_shame*). Usually AB worked fine, but if this issue came up, I had put the throttle back to idle and then back tu full AB. Don't know if a movement back to 100% MIL would have solved the problem. Back then I thought it might have to do with my Warthog thrust levers (calibration problems or not reaching their 100 saturation). Interesting find, I will have an eye on this during the next flights.
  5. In DCS go to OPTIONS -> CONTROLS and there click the button "Disable hot plug" so that the button then shows "Enable hot plug" (it is located a the bottom right corner). Or create a file called autoexec.cfg in your DCS -> Saved Games -> Config folder and add a line with the following text "no_device_hotplug = true" Should disable the scanning of input devices once the sim is running. This helped me in the past with stuttering, but just a bit.
  6. I had mine forward looking at the horizon ... but blokovhan's idea seems reasonable, but as Sandman says, ... not a deal breaker but it's there
  7. had a blackout in the F-14B yesterday, but wasn't on AB
  8. I can only imagine that the ladder is reduced to 10° per line for the purpose of better reading. I guess they didn't want to reduze the spacing between the lines in order to have at least a few lines visible at all times. Must be something like this.
  9. Hi folks! Starting the new year with a question that came up many years ago: Why is the pitch scale (let's call it the ladder) moving up or down relatively to the HUD area when the velocity vector (lets call it flight path marker FPM) about 23° of flight path angle (note: wings level)? It seems when the flight path angle is between -23° and +23° the ladder stays nicely aligned with the horizon (0° on the ladder is definitely the horizon), but when reaching 23° of flight path angle by pulling the nose above 23° the ladder starts moving with the FPM in the same direction.
  10. Hi Machalot! My observations regarding your finding: 1. When switching back from ANF to NAV 10km inbound to M2, the NAV computer (IMHO) shouldn't automatically switch to B3, since you are far away from M2. 2. The NAV computer should only switch to B3 when directly overhead M2 as long as NAV mode is selected. If ANF mode was selected, it should NOT switch to B3. 3. When switching from B3 to M2 by hand (pressing the B2 button), M2 suddenly is 3km behind you, which in fact should be 3-4 km in front of you. Machalot: would you mind trying this by first disabl
  11. Hey Machalot! Wasn't able to reproduce now, but I remember flying in MP and having issues with that someday in the past. It migth be that I f.... up the system by doing other things wrong, but I will keep an eye on this when flying again. Can you provide a TRK or video? Clearing with RENSA by pressing it the first time should work for the last own-fix and restore the buffered one (I guess "buffered" means the automatic fix done by the RHM in conjuction with the CK37 having the terrain database in the background). A 2nd press should clear all the own fixes you
  12. Rift CV1 user here, I go the same problem with the ruler when using the map F-10 view, although I don't have this problem when using a single screen.
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