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  1. Sorry for highjacking your post but isnt a regular 1080 card enough for running dcs world in vr?? cause Im in the process of getting vr and currently thinking if I really need the 1080ti I was thinking about supersampling the picture quality...
  2. Hi guys :) Thanks for all the awesome input :) I have prepared a room for my vr experience, the voice attack system does sound really cool, but the feeling of actually pushing the right buttons and be able to freaking do it in a real plane would be awesome :) I have been looking at leap motions addon for the vr so that I can use my hands for in game interaction... anyone know anything about that??
  3. Hi guys, I have been trying some VR and I really like it so I was thinking about buying it for my pc. Today I use a trackir pro5 and that works great with the tm warthog, I was wondering how well does vr work with joystick/keyboard?? or if I buy the airplane modules for f15, su27, viggen can I use the real buttons? Anyone have experience with the setup?
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