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  1. AGREED!!! I know ED says they're working on it.... but..... IDK.... F-18 is fun yet incomplete; yet to be expected this early. Love the idea of using the 3rd parties to complete the airplane modules and it seems to be working well. However, me personally, I need more in MP to keep investing... MP game play is SUBPAR in server support. API access issues plus even simple things like in-game-triggers cause huge issues with aircraft refueling and carrier ops in MP. Love what has been built so far, however, it seems bitter sweet considering how MUCH I, and many others I know, have in
  2. I am sorry I did not delineate a more concise target towards the four additional FC aircraft in my original statement. However, this is on topic. It's really about the tools, sir. The four additional FC aircraft are to also be employed inside the multiplayer developer's servers; some of whom are NEED greater API support to attempt to balance the improprieties of the FC aircraft compared to the High Fidelity aircraft in the economics of server gameplay. With the current state of API support from ED, some server administrators are weary of introducing more Low Fidelity aircraft into thei
  3. NineLine, You're highlighting what I said out of context. Centralized Servers, if not paralleled by customer development and company backed API support, will be a detriment to ED and DCS as a whole.
  4. NineLine, Centralized DCS servers are a cool idea and more than likely will foster some player-base growth for ED, and its contractors, to generate more revenue. I am sure there are many metrics on how ED servers will help. Unfortunately, the reason many of us are attracted to DCS, despite the context of the game and truly SCHWEET aircraft—meaning clickable cockpit immersion--, is because of a diversity of the gameplay is absolutely unique and unlike Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, WarThunder, or IL2… Limiting a more liberalized development of the Multiplayer Game for FREE (something Dr
  5. I have been flying on DDCS for roughly two years (it used another name in the past). This server is NOT a script based server! I always find it challenging and a blast when working with competent players. DDCS is the most lifelike server in that players can spawn ground units in locations and they can remain there, defending the area, for several restarts or until destroyed. I haven't seen another server in DCS accomplish this! Truly amazing! DDCS is a unique server and, hands down, blows ALL other competition away! Do not be dissuaded from joining the server as it, at times, may take a
  6. Well, figured screw it. might as well go to bed. BUT I played a couple hours later (cause i couldn't sleep) on another server that didn't have BIG SAMS. Worked out pretty well.
  7. Where is the Autoupdate.log saved? This is my first time to look for it.
  8. @Bignewy,: If there is no crash (which hasn't happened to me yet -- experiencing 3-7 sec. freeze upon someone loading new plane/skin -- however it does cause me to crash...) how do we get you a "log." It's fairly easy to test. Just watch the drive you play the game from pull the memory. Really noticeable on HDDs, SSDs are better yet still noticeable.
  9. Playing multiplayer, keep having the servers crash. sometimes we can take 1, ONE, base, most of the times we can't. Been like this for quite a few weeks. This is getting OLD...... I bought the DCS modules for multiplayer NOT single-player.... I just don't feel like Eagle Dynamics is supporting the multiplayer folks..... Any help??? Admin????
  10. I've noticed the same "egg shell crate" problem across other servers (when they allow sling loading). It does not seem to be limited to he Huey. Also, once the crate starts swinging -- even 30 min after continuous forward, stable flight -- it will not stop. You must manually correct the crate. This often ends in VRS or the load damaging the helicopter.
  11. IF Drex is showing you where the CODE problem is WHY don't they get implemented in the releases??? ESPECIALLY when we are paying for the game through planes/helicopters??? I mean he is giving u the issues for air to ground target issues... ATG. IF DCS wants to just be a flight simulator might as well be Microsoft Flight Sim X..... DCS has the capacity to be MUCH more!!!!! Much more ATG, ATA, GTG!!
  12. Seriously, I'm tired of feeling like us Multiplayer People, WHO actually use the game with LAND & IR engagements, are one the last burner.... Is this stuff going to be fixed in the next patch, OR NO? I'm feeling like I should sell my account.... This is getting pathetic...
  13. Tried different variations of graphics settings. Kept getting FPS fluctuations: from 30FPS to 13FPS every couple of seconds (not using Oculus) in every server I tried in 1.5.7. Causes flight problems with Helos. Reverted to 1.5.6. No Problems--roughly 60FPS, SOLID.... A fix or any help resolving my issue is greatly appreciated.
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