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  1. Hi! Does all work as intended (especially) headtracking in other VR app or SteamVR?
  2. Does it exist a way to easily modify/save a view in VR as the defaut view position? (I used until now the headrest to evaluate the most real default view, but that implies to always refind the optimal spot at each flight...)
  3. Hi all! Low-positioned switches in each cockpit have always been quite hard to "click" in VR, because: 1. the mouse doesn't get past the 3/4 line of the vision when loocking at bottom, 2. even at the low region where the cursor is located, the "clicks" aren't registered (with various headsets: Oculus Rift, Vive, Pimax 5k+, Pimax 8kx... strictly identical problem...despite the large FOV of the 2 latest) ....so, only taking curious and unpleasant positions with head/body to center the FOV on the low switches / or even moving the headset with the hand, allows to "click" the embarrasin
  4. Given the power under your pc cowl, you should maybe take into consideration the latest Pimax headsets (after owning Oculus DK2, Oculus CV1, Vive, Pimax 5k+, i had the chance to receive a Pimax 8kx, and that's quite a Graal of the VR world!! Those who tested it against the HP Reverb prefered the Pimax, because of the equivalent clarity/definition, but far better FOV. I'm just not fond of the "standart speaker" (Oculus CV1 headphones were the top), but you can change them - otherway an impressive headset!
  5. Great! Was waiting for a long time for such 3-pos "K swtiches" for russian gear retract and flaps, that are VR-friendly!!
  6. Same here: when landing, around 340-400 km/h, the 21 shows some big pitch oscillations, making the ground contact impossible!! Mmmh....
  7. Hi all! The Mig 15 radio seems to be (realisticaly) quite hard to tune and retune in flight (while the F86 had 21 easily accessible presets). Do you know how does in 1948-1960 was the frequencies employed: did a single frequency was used during the entiere flight? (Airport, patrol, GCI affected to the airport)
  8. ZnarF

    Arctic Map

    Woah, extremely nice!!! Could that may *possibly* be the new 2019 free map, seriously??!!
  9. Altough the "tech" aspect of siming is important, I really really need a "dreaming"/"storying" part, and being able to create missions almost anywhere on the globe would be....such wonderful!! Vietnam? Yes. M2000 in Congo? Instantly. CAP over your own house? Of course. DCS tech + photogrammetry world wire map...
  10. Capthaltli: like you, I just switched from Rift to Pimax 5k+; while this is a nice improvment on the graphic finesse, I feel a bit weird with the head tracking: it works, but not so smooth/authentic than Rift - as if SteamVR makes a sort of auto-smoothing, but...strange!
  11. +1, thank you very much for your wonderful manuals!!
  12. Heatblur has mentionned in the F14 forum part that making Jester silent or inactive should for the moment solve the problem - maybe that can help?
  13. +1!! And he should ask for autorisation before ejecting!!! ;-)
  14. (Only SP) Thanks for the insight, I tend to go a bit up usually!
  15. Dear all, Despite many pedagogic videos about the subjet, I endure very low success with my AIM54: approx. 20% killing rate. I tested mostly versus average to very good Mig 21, Mig 19 and Su 24 in various angles, always between 15 and 50 nM, using simply TWS. I wait until a numeric appears at right on the radar contact(s), then simply fire. Isn't that 20% killing rate a bit low, am I doing something wrong?
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