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  1. Roger that. I will get it sorted.
  2. Yes, I was in the A10 2, going through my start procedure, and then I gave a command from my piggybacked profile and it switched to the inverse listening state everyone I press the ptt. I don't have either dice or herc mods
  3. The problem happened again today. It's a phantom bug. Happened just the once. It doesn't like something.
  4. I've just tried to play Piercing Fury for the 1st time. Unfortunately, mission 2 seems to still be bugged. The C130 lands safely at Senaki. I guess that isn't supposed to happen.
  5. Yes, I noticed this. Was it just the crackle on and off previously?
  6. Edit - Cancel, I realise my mistake.
  7. Sorry, I didn't get chance to test, but I have the following mods in my Saved Games folder... Hercules ver 6.7 Military Aircraft Mod VNAO DCS-SRS 476RangeTargets Helipads HermesR12 VPC nBFVG Harrier Pack Tacview Ze Dim' New Static Packv0.4 and of course VAICOMPRO
  8. Thank you. I'll have a try later tonight. It'll be interesting to see what the problem is. Also, I do not have Dice.
  9. What would be useful to know? I will try and replicate it tomorrow evening. Tonight, I needed Vaicom to work for a squadron flight.
  10. I spoke too soon. I went on MP tonight and straight away the inverted Listening Suspended / Listening Resumed problem came back, in the A10C2 for every PTT switch. I reverted back to 2.5.24 and the problem went away.
  11. I'm please to say, it works. Thanks
  12. It was a 64bit in place update as prompted by VA. I have now rolled the software back to version 24 and it has fixed the problem for now.
  13. Can I roll back to the last patch until it's fixed. If so, how do I do that?
  14. I have the same problem now. In SP, with no SRS running, in the A10C2
  15. I have the Listening Suspended problem straight after updating to the latest VA version. Is there a fix? My MP VOIP was and is set at Broadcast Parallel.
  16. Please can we have a keybind for the scorpion power switch. It would be very useful not to have to mouse click it on startup.
  17. Cancel!!!!! I hadn't updated to the latest patch! FFS
  18. Hi, I seem to be having a bit of a problem with my available server list. It is only showing 30 to 40 servers in total. I have all the filters set to "any". I know that the problem is on my side, because there are servers running that I can't see, as other pilots I know can see them on their lists. Even when I search for the missing servers by name, or by IP they do not appear. Any ideas what the problem can be?
  19. Always use push to talk. Don't risk it.
  20. Thanks all, It's an odd beast this DCS. I've tried various times to get the Persian Gulf from stable to Beta, and it always tries to download it. Except today where it searches for it, finds it, and transferred it. I did nothing differently! Yet it worked.
  21. I was under the impression that modules would transfer from DCS to DCS Beta and visa versa if you had downloaded them to one. Both versions seem to want to download the modules each, doubling my download quota. That's a problem for me because I'm on a metered internet contract. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried the Skiatezilla, I've tried copying them over one to the other (which realy doesn't like being done).
  22. I have to say @Hollywood_315 this kneeboard is a game changer literally. Bravo. This is what I have been looking for, for a long time. This is essential for VR players. I have struggled continuously with not being able to record or remember information, and it has been very frustrating. I have now played a couple of missions with the new kneeboard and it makes life so much easier. Well done, and thank you.
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