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  1. Please can we have a keybind for the scorpion power switch. It would be very useful not to have to mouse click it on startup.
  2. Cancel!!!!! I hadn't updated to the latest patch! FFS
  3. Hi, I seem to be having a bit of a problem with my available server list. It is only showing 30 to 40 servers in total. I have all the filters set to "any". I know that the problem is on my side, because there are servers running that I can't see, as other pilots I know can see them on their lists. Even when I search for the missing servers by name, or by IP they do not appear. Any ideas what the problem can be?
  4. Always use push to talk. Don't risk it.
  5. Thanks all, It's an odd beast this DCS. I've tried various times to get the Persian Gulf from stable to Beta, and it always tries to download it. Except today where it searches for it, finds it, and transferred it. I did nothing differently! Yet it worked.
  6. I was under the impression that modules would transfer from DCS to DCS Beta and visa versa if you had downloaded them to one. Both versions seem to want to download the modules each, doubling my download quota. That's a problem for me because I'm on a metered internet contract. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried the Skiatezilla, I've tried copying them over one to the other (which realy doesn't like being done).
  7. I have to say @Hollywood_315 this kneeboard is a game changer literally. Bravo. This is what I have been looking for, for a long time. This is essential for VR players. I have struggled continuously with not being able to record or remember information, and it has been very frustrating. I have now played a couple of missions with the new kneeboard and it makes life so much easier. Well done, and thank you.
  8. To confirm. It will not copy. Already tried the Notepad. The clipboard is empty. Tried it several times but no luck.
  9. I've just been helping a buddy update his keyword commands. The FINISH button won't copy his commands to the clipboard. Mine worked, his didn't. Any ideas?
  10. I figured it out. Page 46 tells you how to bind a key/button to the next/previous tabs on the extension kneeboard. I mistakenly bound these functions to my normal kneeboard next/previous page buttons, and they conflicted. I can now cycle properly.
  11. Ahh haaaaa, do not bind the same buttons you use to go next/previous page (for your normal kneeboard) to the Advanced option: keyboard/joystick control binds for next/previous tab. Kneeboard pages, and Kneeboard extension tabs are two different things. I take it back. This is awesome.
  12. Not for me. I only go back and forth through the extensions pages.
  13. @Hollywood_315 This interactive kneeboard (which is very good) has hijacked the kneeboard so that I cannot have my own kneeboard sheets anymore. I have several cribsheets that I refer to all the time, such as start up procedures, etc. 1) Is there a way to stop the kneeboard extension fully. To allow me to go back to seeing my own kneeboard pages. 2) Is there a way to integrate the extension with my own kneeboard pages.
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