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  1. Title pretty much say it all. I was following several threads, I can no longer see them anymore. Is there something I need to do to get them to show up again? Thanks David
  2. Hi, Thank You. yes, I have left a Email message for Rel4y. Still awaiting a response. Thank You. Best, David
  3. hi Sokol1, that procedure is above my paygrade. Looking for Plan B. Thank You for the input. Much appreciated. Best. David
  4. Hello Max, Thank You for yourhelp. I can't seem to find the info on 5v serial mumbers. My throttle is 13097, hopefully late enough mfg to be 5v. I think I'll contact Thrustmater support, see if they know the range when it was mfg 5v Thank You for your time. I'll play around with the dx switches, see what happens. Best' David
  5. Hello max, Thank You for the info. I need to see if I have the 5v. then I'll order too. RE the DX buttons. When you calibrate the TUSBA, you can create 3 DX buttons. Idle,Mil,Aft. I'm just not sure how to use those DX Buttons within DCS. Hoping someone could shed more light on their function. Best, David
  6. Geez, my heads about to explode. i do this to myself all the time...arrive late to the party. I purchased the F-16 module. Dug out my old Cougar throttle. Will use warthog stick. I read so many things to update TQS...hall sensors, new style microsticks etc. Get excited to order, then find out no longer made, no responses via email on original message about product etc etc. I'm just going to ask my questions. Yes, i have done searches all over the place. Most of the time I can't locate info. because my search skills suck. I know if I input the right query, I can get an answer.
  7. OK, making progress. I found the manual for the TUSBA...it's a lot more detailed than the vid. I just set up a min and max to experiment. Before I thought I had put an idle detent in the throttle....hence moving it from min to idle..nothing happened. Well, this time....I hit the R-SHIFT HOME key, this moved the throttle out of the cutoff position...I had thought the idel would do the same as the warthog idle...I was mistaken. Once the throttle moved out of cutoff....everything moved just fine!..yay. Throttle works OK/ Don't know about the antenna etc...will find out later as I d
  8. Hello Rudel, that is interesting the TUSBA is showing a joystick too. I don't have one connected at all. I just have the throttle connected at this time. I just show one TUSBA_R2 device on my controls page. I have KEYBOARD,TUSBA_R2,MOUSE. That is all on my CONTROLS page. I wonder if the joystick being in there is conflicting somehow? I'll try and delete the joystick out of the profile, see if that works. Were would that file be located? Or can I edit it at all? Is there perhaps something in the RS_HID software, that may be causing the joystick to read? Even though nothing is hooke
  9. Hi Rudel, here is my dcs.log. Thank You for your help. dcs.log Hope I did this right. Never attached anything before. David
  10. Well this is just too weird. i re-assigned all the axis's and buttons on the TSUBA. Nothing functions in the sim. The Cougar throttle works on all my other sims just fine. Very perplexing for me. Oh well gave it my best shot. Thanks for the suggestions. Guess I should have saved my money re TSUBA. Seemed like everyone using it was doing OK. Hence my purchase. Oh well. Life goes on. David
  11. Ok Thank You. I'll go ahead and reassign everything again. David
  12. EDIT Follow-up. The TQS works fine in FS2020 and P3dv5. It jsut won't function in DCS. Again, Am I missing something simple here? I also rebooted again, and switched the TSUBA to a different USB port. I know it's working because it worked in the above sims. Thanks David
  13. Hello folks, I just set up my Cougar throttle using TUSBA and Win10 Pro. Windows sees the TUSBA just fine. In windows controls, all the buttons and knobs and axis are recognized just fine. I setup and calibrated everything just fine in the TSUBA software suite. Now when I go into DCS and fire up the F16, the throttle doesn't work at all. The sim won't even recognize the throttle moving. I have rebooted, tried running f16 again...no go. Do I haver to have a profile loaded in order for this to work. I felt that since everything was working in Win10 and TSUBA...I didn't need anything
  14. Hi Miles, first I have heard of version 2.0. I'm guessing I have V 1.0. Is there an area to check for info on version 2.0? Thank YOu David
  15. Hi Don B. Look forward to trying this out myself. Based on above quote, what program needs a restart, DCS or kneeboard builder. Thanks for the clarification. Best, David
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