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  1. so, maybe double the weight on one side. Have you actually calculated the weight difference? I have no idea what limits are set for real world Ops, but to me it sounds pretty stupid to attempt take off with such a significant asymmetry, and then to label what ED have modelled a bug, is a bit rich. There's a yaw there because the aircraft is out of trim.
  2. What it means; um, in a nutshell, i think Ciribob has modelled the attenuation that any VHF/UHF transmission suffers from with respect to distance between transmitter and receiver, plus nasty things like mountains in between them. Someone will jump in if i'm wrong How to implement; not a clue sorry
  3. the greatness that is Ciribob continues, still in your debt over SRS ! Thankyou
  4. Quite a lot of your own time(and ours) wasted there. Just set the landing runway properly and as in real life, the airfield in question should turn on the appropriate navaids. Whats the point in switching on expensive ILS equipment on an unused runway? Report back, though i don't think anyone's really that bothered.
  5. Yes but an out of trim aircraft, for example due to asymmetric stores, will induce yaw, which induces roll
  6. OMG, yes and why don't apples taste like pears, and while i'm at it, OP, it's 'brakes'. If you don't apply your brakes your hornet breaks.
  7. you mean like VR: DCS.exe 2D: DCS.exe --force_disable_VR As for options for each environment, i think it's just ....Saved Games\DCS\Config\options.lua you need to copy in for each environment in your .bat file, worlds your oyster as they say. HTH
  8. this is a great concept, i'm having trouble getting started though. From VA all i get is 'Sound initialization timeout: internal:Sneak' 'Sound initialization timeout: internal:Pom' Recognized : 'nav power on' when saying 'nav power on' The pre-req mod is in place keyboard.lua is copied to saved games Do i actually need to take any action re 'LSHIFT + LCTRL + LALT + LWin' keybind ? EDIT: *resolved* 'NS430 keyboard.diff.lua' renamed to keyboard.diff.lua
  9. U.S. Navy Blue Angels - 2020 (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  10. it's not a glider, that is why it's got 2 powerful engines.
  11. To quote the OP "Luckily for us if departure runway is 21L, then recovery runway is 21L, the two are not same runway" 21L isn't 21L, interesting. Please correct or better still just delete your first post, the sentence above makes it's garbage. You are confusing newbie users. All anyone needs to know is that a runway is identified by the first two digits of the heading, 01 thru 36 If there are 2 or even 3 strips of concrete parallel, then from left to right, they are designated L C R. If you land by mistake on the wrong one in DCS the
  12. a bit pedantic when, in the very next paragraph 'Our dream is to offer the most authentic and realistic simulation of military aircraft,' The clue is in the name Digital Combat Simulator
  13. That's more counter-intuitive surely? You prefer pressing a keyboard key over speaking into a headset? I'm another VA + VAICOMpro convert, pressing a PTT button and just speaking to the AI is way more immersive than pressing a key/button which seems to me to be the 'spoiled brat' approach(your term). My term would be 'arcade' or 'lazy'
  14. No I dont think that's the issue, i'm running the miz as MP locally on the same PC as the client, with all mission settings identical
  15. I don't think ED can do anything about an issue between the user and the hardware:megalol:
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