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  1. They responded & said they are looking into it.
  2. Yes the white knighting of DCS in the bugs & problems thread is tedious. If you are happy with the product then go & play with it.
  3. nrosko

    2.7 VR issues

    Crash to Desktop.
  4. Yes I spotted banding in the sea & stripes in the clouds, the stipes are somewhat geometric & nothing like cloud structure. These are more minor glitches though IMO.
  5. Yes its all very blurry & low resolution in vr, the lighting & shadows is much better on the ground but looking at the clouds its like I'm partially sighted. I'm wondering if there is some sharpening issues as well as it can look very blocky when the cloud interacts with the ground.
  6. glad its being looked at as its insta vomit for me.
  7. nrosko

    2.7 VR issues

    The CTD seems pretty random as will load up the same mission from the creator & it will work after it crashed the first time.
  8. nrosko

    2.7 VR issues

    Clouds jittering. They move about like they are a separate superimposed image & shake in the distance, this makes me nauseous. Dark banding in the sea. Clouds banding stipes these meet with other stripes at 110 degree angles. Very blurry clouds in distance wit heavy aliasing Multiple CTD Sometimes vapour trails only appear in one eye in the distance.
  9. Looks like its an issue many are having & already reported, not actually VR related, my bad.
  10. I'm getting a bug where I get a flash of darkness every so often. Its hard to describe as it seems like its just 1 frame but i would describe it like a negative 'inverse' image. Its very jarring in VR. I had this on my old pc & now my new build is the same.
  11. Is your CPU bottlenecking at all? I'm guessing not. 500% in steam vr then 0.5 in game, I think this will break my system but will give it a pop.
  12. nrosko

    RTX 3090

    I managed to get a FE but can't get a CPU to do it justice.
  13. After testing it does seem pretty good, locking it to 60 @ 120hz i turn motion smoothing off still as it still looks horrid to me but its all very smooth & nice at 60fps without it. I pushed up the steam SS to 180. Unfortunately my CPU is a bottleneck & any traffic or missions kill the fun, so i still have to wait forever for my hardware to arrive. .
  14. How are you using it? are you setting to 120hz & fixing to 60fps?
  15. I have an index, so will give it a go. some people have said it really helps although I'm not sure I fully understand it.
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