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  1. That´s correct. The backup instruments does not have any compensation for compressibility or position of the tube. Just intended to make a emergency descent in clouds. /Stellan
  2. Max indicated speed is 1350 km/h, ca M1.2 at low level. Above that speed the skin temperature will be to high. During testflight IRL at 500 m I had to reduce thrust when reaching 1350. So, M 1.3 might be OK. I was not allowed to try!!
  3. Using TrackIR and no problem to see that flare after the latest update to Open Beta.
  4. The weight of RB74 would create to much stress on the wingtip, therefore it is not possible to load in that position.
  5. The Viggen radar in DCS is OK. IRL we used the Radar to find targets on the Sea. That was the primary task for the Viggen. Over land we sometimes looked for a lake or a river but the radar was not intended for that. Our normal height over the terrain was often 20-50 meters, then the Radar is useless. We used our nav-system and a Map to find our targets over land.
  6. hilmerby


    Something is wrong with the SI (HUD). After the latest patch to the stable version,the Glass change colour dependant of the outside light. I have 3 screenshots. Sometimes the glass is white, almost impossible to see anything behind it. Sometimes it is green/yellow. Stellan
  7. After the latest "update?" The FLI (Horizon) is almost black during night. Impossible to use.
  8. The allowed G was 7 when we firts started to operate the AJ37 in 1973. Later the limit was set to 6. /Stellan
  9. Hi The Amber light "FÄLLD LAST" should go out as soon as I put my weapon into safe mode. This does not happen if I release my weapons in "NAV". /Stellan
  10. Hi If I release Rb15 in NAV I get a steady red "Höjdvarningslampa" when moving my "Skedesväljare" to ANF. This light will only go out in pos BER. If I move my "vapenväljare" to another position, like "AKAN JAKT", this will not happen /Stellan
  11. Hi When using the TOT and getting behind schedule, I get a "9" as the first digit instead of " - ". /Stellan
  12. There seems to some confusion here. IRL we fired at "wing out" used 4G for the pull up and followed the small cirkle "SO". As soon as we got "Fälld Last" (Bombs gone) we could start our turn down to low level again. The bombs left the Aircraft later during the "pull up", in DCS they seems to fall much sooner. We flew towards the Target, at distance 10km made a turn to the left or right 10 degree, pull up just below distance to target 6 km, climb with 20 degree, roll at 300m. This is not really possible in DCS. I have modified the procedure. Turn at 15 km, pull up at 7 and roll at 450. I have
  13. IRL we always made a flare when landing with α12. This is the procedure: reduce to speed 325k/h /α10. Keep this until 200m, from there α12. Over the RWY, rotate and touchdown with α14. AD(AereodynamicBraking) with α14. IRL the AD was done with α16. We never used the AFK. Use position LAND P/O and set SLAV SI to F. Be VERY careful if making a landing with 80% fuel or more. When landing with α15.5 (short field) NO FLARE.
  14. Seems to be a problem related to Multiplayer. Done some testing. In single mode only default RWY. Batumi 31, Kobuleti 25, Senaki 27, Kutaisi 26, Sukhumi 30, Gudauta 15 and Sochi 04. All of them was OK. Crossed the RWY at 70m. In multiplayer. Kobuleti 26, Senaki 27 and Kutaisi 26. Crossed the RWY at about 200m and ended up 300-500 m to the left. Sochi was a total mess. Never crossed the RWY at all, ended up some 2000m to the right. In all cases (single and multiplayer) the green TILS light went OFF at 10 km (just as I got the final descend). I made a recording of the approach to Sochi.
  15. The TILS does not work any more. The system will give steering to LB. The green light will start to flash and then become steady. Everything seems to be normal up until 10KM. At 10KM just when the final descend will start, the TILS light will extinguish and everything is ****ed up. The system very often take me to a position some 200m to the side of the RWY. Sometimes not even crossing the centerline and at other occasions crossing the centerline at an Altiude of 200m. And of course: Still the yellow heading bug and the distance indicator does not point towards the LB (the AJS37_manual page 14
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