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  1. LED-LJUS and FORM-Ljus are the Wing and Fuesaage lights to keep it brief I really like the Landing Lights so now no problem to fly around-the- clock missions mostly Anti-Ship and BK-90..... Still problems to use RB-75 in dawn but that will also be fixed I hope,,,,,,
  2. Night Vision is a fake Add-On..... Dont't try Short-Cuts.....Make changes the proper way
  3. It is Nice to fly Viggen in Night Operation With no Landing Lights You can always land on Taxiways if Runway Lights are off Taxiways have nice Blue Edge lights like Senaki Kolki In Caucasus CK37 lights are hard to read but no problem with Try-And-Error Radar works with filter (Thanks for the tip my Friend) The attached picture of Anti-Collision Light speaks for itself With next Viggen Change Log and everything will be just fine......
  4. Try a Night Mission in Viggen and You will get the answer
  5. Question: Have You promised to finish up the Viggen ?
  6. Regarding BK90 You can set approach altitude up to 500 m barometic altitude in approach phase then in attack the BK90 uses Radio height,, 91500 in TAKT is 500 m Barometic Height then in 5 km from target attack height is 60 m radio Height
  7. If they fix the light system all will be happy
  8. I don't think it is a good idea to use BK90 to for pop-up targets and use Bx as target point. You have to define target type for set-up release mode and you must define barometc pressure in target for the best area of effect and use M as target. Best is Pre-Flight planning . Thanks for info regarding the use of Bx guidance in multiple RB04 attacks......everyday you learn something..:)
  9. Why not take a look in the manual .........?? For RB-15 You use Bx6,Bx7 and Bx8 For RB-04 You don,t use any Bx at all DCS World\Mods\aircraft\AJS37\Doc
  10. Thanks for Your quick answer........ Looking forward next Changelog I hope Viggen in near future will get more closer love from HB
  11. Took a look at the latest update log: AV88: 24 improvements M2000: 19 -"- JF17: 20 -"- F18: 24 -"- F16: 19 _"_ AJS 37: 3 IMPROVEMENTS OF ISSUES NOT REPORTED IN THIS FORUM..!!! CONCLUSION: ACCORDING HB AJS37 is 100 % FUNCTIONAL AND NO MORE IMPROVEMENTS ARE PLANNED.....TIME IS UP (OR?)
  12. Thanks for Your quick answer.... The issues i will describe below is regarding Night operation The problem with Viggen after som updates is the taxi/landing light...they are too weak...You can't find yourself to the runway and You land in totally darkness on military airfields as the landing lights can't give You any reference The Anti-Collison light is too strong andlights up interior and exterior The radar light is too bright as well as the dials in CK37 EP13 is too bright i daytime unable to dim If You could fix taxi/landing lights I can live with the other "snags" but why not j
  13. One simple question :. Will the lighting issue on Viggen be fixed......? Just answer Y/N before closing My post
  14. "Like what? That and I get sick of this "if you don't like (insert unrealistic feature here) don't use it", how about if you don't like flying the Viggen at night, don't fly the Viggen at night?" A bunch of words meaning nothing I like to fly Viggen at Night but as Heatblur degraded the systems below flight safety requirements Viggen is now a Day-Only Fighter (IRL Swedish Air Force) Understand that You can't fix the lights anymore so why not admit that , Big Brother has the Power
  15. Just let if there is a Heatblur Pilot (?) jump into a Viggen in Night Operation on a Military Airfield, Start engines, Taxi out in total darkness to active Runway, Fly Anti-Ship mission, Make a TILS landing at a Military Airfield with No Center lights, Find the way to Tarmac, Make a Parking and Record this and let us all be impressed. After this Video we all will be convinced that Viggen is fully optimized........
  16. Why not make the Planer usable in Night Operation wth functional lights regarding Taxi\Landing, radar, EP13 instead of useless Bling-Bling,...what is next step..2engines,Multi-crew, carrier op..?? Just remove NVG or Heatblur is on the way to lose its face....
  17. In last update somebody has put in NVG in AJS37....... Looking forward explanation as we never had it IRL
  18. Last flight with the nice Mirage there was a flashing Arrow in Radar scope and 50 % of my flights it disappeared after radar warm-up and 50% of flighst it remained during the whole flight. No info about this in Change Log....... Pls explain........
  19. The brightness is too bright....it was usable before DCS changed the light setting. Understand that there will not be any change/improvement
  20. Thanks for reply of my question....My intention with the picture was to show the brightness of NVG solely
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