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  1. Returning from Event 4 in the Zone 5 campaign by Reflected
  2. Thanks for the tips! These settings seem to work very well. FPS still takes a dip at the end of the missions when / after landing, because there are so many aircraft and other objects on the parking areas, but it is not unplayable. Just finished the third mission. Enjoying the campaign very much so far! It is so cool to hear Bio's voice in the briefings, having read his books and watched his interviews! I really like the feeling of authenticity and immersion.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I understand, this performance issue is out of your hands. Just a little update for others who may have similar issues: Today I tweaked some settings, and noticed that lowering the draw distance / texture detail and/or terrain texture detail removed the stuttering and improved performance drastically. I ended up with setting texture detail to medium (not a huge drop in quality in VR), terrain textures to low and draw distance to high, which resulted in pretty good performance. My theory is that the stuttering was caused by VRAM getting full? I
  4. Hi, I started playing this campaign after the newest DCS update came, and the first mission played totally smoothly until I landed. Sometime after touchdown at Nellis AFB at the end of the mission the FPS dropped severely and stuttering began so bad that it was hard to taxi. When I started mission 2 on the ramp, performance was flawless at first, but then the FPS dropped and stuttering began as bad as the first mission. Then, after some AI soldiers had finished running across the nose of my jet and Chinook helo had flown over, the stuttering went away again and performance was very
  5. Thanks for the insights. I did have the speedbrake open as per NATOPS and also was moving the throttles a lot.. but it seems that not the way the A-4 likes it. I think I have her better under control now that I make a little bit slower and smaller throttle movements and after each correction make a counter-correction. I think you have to give the engine a little bit time to respond to throttle changes. Just the basics of flying the ball, as you said: "don't stop moving the throttles". So.. I guess that I'm saying that getting the feel for the correct amplitude and frequency of throttle correct
  6. Does anybody have any good tips on “flying the ball” in the A-4? I’m really struggling on keeping her attitude / descent rate under control and making controlled corrections. There is a good bit of lag in the engine response to throttle changes, so it feels like it is easy to overcorrect and end up with the nose pitching up / down more than you intended. Then on the other hand it seems kinda responsive around the “sweet spot” throttle setting for on-speed and desired descent rate, where you are able to make small adjustment and get the jet respond quite quickly. So sometimes I feel like the ke
  7. Okay, thanks, looking forward to it! And thank you for the great module. I think you guys are doing a remarkable service to the community.
  8. Ah, okay, I understand. Thanks for the answer!
  9. I tried to add empty versions of the external fuel tanks to the loadout options of the community A-4E-C by editing some lua files in the mod. All is well otherwise, but I found out that editing the main A-4E-C.lua file in any way breaks the mod! I mean I managed to add the empty fuel tanks so that they are selectable in the mission editor and the AI A-4Es happily fly with them without problems, but the player aircraft does not respond to any control inputs anymore. Now I noticed that there is a big disclaimer at the beginning of the A-4E-C.lua: "--EDITING THIS FILE WILL CAUSE THE
  10. First off, a big thank you for everyone involved in making this mod. I tried it a little bit sometime ago, with the version 1.4 I think. While I appreciated the level of detail in the avionics and cockpit modelling etc., I felt that the standard flight model (SFM) felt too... "sterile" and the performance of the aircraft seemed unrealistically good. Now, with the new, more advanced External FM in version 2... wow. I'm impressed! The aircraft feels alive. It feels like it is small and agile and nimble (especially the roll rate is ridiculous :D) and at the same time it does not have tons of thru
  11. Please, try downloading the file in my post again. There initially was a typo in the aircraft length, the post is updated with corrected file. It should now work properly. Thanks for your feedback!
  12. Thanks for this awesome mod, I've been wishing for the EA-6B for ages!! I noticed that the AI EA-6B mod has a ceiling of about 25000 ft and a very slow top speed / cruising speed at altitude, which really limits its usefulness in strike packages... So, I did a really ugly tweak to its lua file... Basically, I tweaked the dimensions, mass, fuel loads, ceilings, top speeds etc. to match those of the EA-6B based on wikipedia and other public web sources, replaced the aerodynamic table data with the data of L-39 and the engine performance table data with the data of F/A-18 (without afterbu
  13. Hi, what are possible causes for incorrect ADI / HUD pitch ladder attitude indications? I had my ADI and HUD pitch ladder starting to drift and showing incorrect attitude during my last flight. It was about 20-30 minutes after take off, without any violent maneuvering (I think max 2-2,5 G turns) and without taking any damage. No warning / caution lights on the Caution Light Panel. No error messages on CDU. EGI and EAC were on, NAV mode selected on ALIGN page, all normal. I tried to troubleshoot this in-flight for some 10-15 minutes, at which point the aircraft controls suddenly stopped w
  14. +1 Thank you, a nice update indeed, and almost for free for "old" A-10C owners!
  15. I would very much like to edit radio channel presets in the Mission Editor, as you can do with every other module. Thanks!
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