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  1. Hello cobra. Can you clarify if this is still an ED issues instead of the F-14 itselfs? they said on this forum that is a different issues cheers
  2. +1 for A-4 mod. I think its going to make the server even more popular that there is a public PvP server that use a free mod.
  3. Well it seems that Hiro is busy taking Photo Geometry shot of the SU-20
  4. are you guys crashing(send a crash log) or freeze(not responding)? I don't think they are the same problem
  5. actually no the problem hasn't been fixed. Recently i just enter an F-14 slot after a sortie with an F-18 in Multiplayer,it freezes once i joined. I ended DCS on task Manager because it isn't responding. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GOBAcmfu_2MW1ZvdabbQa2dE9rmiSVge/view?usp=sharing
  6. So i select Dogfight mode, TMS Up for boresight, and when i put the circle fron the helmet to a bandit, sometime its just doesn't lock. Where do i do wrong? The bandit was in the middle of the circle
  7. BUMP! apparently is still Freeze in 2.7.1. Now the game freeze even if I join a Pilot slot for the first time in MP server. Are you guys looking into this ?
  8. Unless you can prove me wrong. Wagz and ED already said that the can't make modern Russian aircraft (including the SU-27)
  9. no I'm not. why do you think we have the Mig-29 9-12
  10. This confuses me. what else is ED going to make when they finish the Mig-29?. Rafale? I don't think so since Razbam has better conection with AdA Grippen? Wasn't the reason why HB didn't make JA-37 was because there are still classified system in the JA-37 which is still being use in the Grippen. Tornado ? They already said they wont SU-27 The russian governent doesn't allowed them. Unless ED is going for full WW2 i don't see any other options
  11. Hello Alpen. It seems Blue team can't equip any A2A missile
  12. +1 I think ED are under estimating how a 2 seater combat aircraft would attract more people into DCS. I have a friend that is interested in playing DCS but just don't have the time to learn everything from a zero. If we have a 2 seater version he can just join on a mission and observe what i'm doing eg radar,TPOD,etc from the back and learn step by step from there.
  13. or better with Trugritt aswell with F early and F ICE with AMRAAM and making the F early as a free offical module for demo purpose and another official FF free module included with DCS. I mean i can only hope but imagine that
  14. How many ET can the SU-30MKK carry IRL? The AI can carry 4. I wonder if its also true IRL
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