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  1. There was an interview by GR on magnitude
  2. That would cause another problem as they will play it safe and more passively(atleast for me). I say give them F only
  3. HI HB Is it possible if you can add TCS FOV commandfor Jester? If not make it so that the default position is narrow thanks:)
  4. Tried the 14 couple of times. Very rarely ran into trouble unless i do something silly. Most of the time i had a successive sortie. Oh BTW regarding Mig-23 and the future.fAny chance that we will have some equal plane set once we have 23 and Mirage F1? Or will it still be F5 vs 21 centric
  5. true but i don't want to use every single brain cell after work and just have some fun :lol:
  6. well then i think they should switch the True heading as the Magnetic Heading for every aircraft and vice versa No ?
  7. First of all here's the the Final magnetic course from a jeppesen chart for runway 07 (08 ingame) in Kutaisi is 074 Now the final Course is Always magnetic however it appears that 074 in game is TRUE HEADING ' and it doesn't make any sense if you add with the Magnetic Variation. we know magnetic variation in Kutasi is 6.8 East. you can google it but i'll give you one https://www.magnetic-declination.com...si/916290.html now from flight school we know things about "TRUE VAMPIRE MAKES DEAD COMPANION" TRUE HDG, Variation, Magnetic HEading, Deviation, Compass Heading
  8. most airfield in russia(north of caucacus) doesn't have TACAN. Which makes it difficult for blue plane to Navigate if you don't know the map. Adding portable TACAN would help a bit
  9. Hey alpen wolf. Now that portable TACAN is available, can blue airfield have portable TACAN for those who doesn't have permanent stationary TACAN ?
  10. Hello just letting you know that the old missing bomb rack is back again when you load 3x and 4x MK82 bomb on the center station. its been there since the last 2 patches ago cheers
  11. it only adjust Jester's Voice, not the Static effect sound when you open up the jester menu. mine is like 10%
  12. thank you it works. although the ony thing that bothers me is that the sound effectt when you open jester menu is way too loud. Jester voice it self is fine since i can adjust the intercom volume. other than that its perfect I can adjust any other volume
  13. its there on the patch notes. but i don't see anything on the special menu
  14. Tolong pakcik jelaskan bagaimana cara kerja radar awg9, dan kenapa saya tak bisa pilih mode lain apabila missile saya sudah trash, karena saya bukan engineer awg9. Terima kasih
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