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  1. so if i read that correctly, from 0.4 - 0.6 is underperforming, while from 0.75 and beyond that is overperforming.?
  2. Idk why people are still complaining about the tomcat compare when it was first release. Back then the tomcat had/was: - (datalink) Missile warning receiver - Magic phoenix INS (no need to maintain track) - phoenix that go through mountain and kill you - a spitfire with 30 degree per second turn rate with flaps down without jamming - a tank ( i survive 2 amraam) -etc. And not to mention that amraam was pretty weak missile back then Back then shooting a MK60 phoenix at 40 miles in PVP is always a guarantee while now you can't ev
  3. Yeah its been a while. It more notorious in an online enviroment
  4. Yeah that was a problem at first. But once you start getting used to it when the wheel move position, it doesn't matter since you know exactly what condition that cause the wheel position move And i use Ctrl+1-8
  5. Regarding jester control, Has anyone tried using keyboard instead of pilot head/voice attack? If your hand are not far from the keyboard you should give it a try until you have developed your muscle memory. Once you do, you can pretty much give any order less than a second
  6. It works wuth ACM open. It didn't work with ACM close for me unless its on TWS even below 10
  7. Are you sure you are not on TWS? Because if you break a lock it will revert to TWS with the radar pointing at him
  8. Sorry to ask. But did you manually lock TCS from the rio seat and then fire?
  9. Do you do this with ACM cover open?
  10. I don't quite understand the logic. So its more weirder for the Blue team to have west German Leopard 1 even though they are NATO than having a WW2 German tank for Red?
  11. About sukhumi the begining. Wouldn't leopard 1 be a better opponent against T-55 feels weird seeing sherman and ww2 stuff
  12. Is there a reason why mig-19 doesn't get A2A missile in "Operation Sukhumi- The Beginning" ? It's basically Carbon copy of GAR-8?
  13. I was looking forward for your campaign. however after the first 5th mission, sorry to say i wasn't really to pleased with it the first 4th mission are basically doing nothing so that's 50% of the whole campaign doing nothing. its not really something that you wanna do after a long day at work. currently i'm stuck on mission 5. i've destroyed every enemy and told they me to return to cap position. i've waited minutes on station until i got bored and quit. but after reading his thread i think it's bugged. but again, i download this campaign using the link you share meani
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