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  1. I have this issue too, However my solution is; after entering the Northings, to press 'pos' a couple of times or more and then 'E' before entering the co-ordinates. It's messy...
  2. OK, i've cleared any evidence of Hermes V1 from my copy of DCS and did a re-install od the V2 so it's working fine for me. I'll stop saying ''version'' so much now.
  3. OK now i'm very confused, seems It is the correct version I have put in the mission.... however if i remove version 1 HMS Hermes from my DCS then It won't work for me with version 2 only installed, even though I have changed the mission version to Version 2.... So it seems my mission needs both versions...
  4. hmm seems i thought i'd installed and swapped the Hermes model in my mission for your new version but it is still the old version, so the guy above has revealed this and i need to fix it! about 30 people have dloaded the mission since and only one has revealed this mistake and instead of messaging me he's asked you! sorry!
  5. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3303964/
  6. My Falklands War mission using this excellent mod Hi, I have just updated my Falklands War mission (based on the Caucasus map) to use this new version of your mod. It is a sort of mission template in which clients can modify the existance, position and loadouts of all units to produce their own missions. All units are representative of real units present during the conflict, and I tried to be as accurate as possible with positioning. There are some opposition aircraft which can be triggered to spawn, they can be edited/removed if necessary. Look in mission editor to fully appreciate the lay
  7. Great, trying it now, Thanks for your efforts!
  8. This carrier is great already, but with your updates you could could sell it and earn good money! Thanks for your hard work! (ANT (EGNF) UK)
  9. I have produced a couple of Falklands war 2 missions (available on the DCS website) and have based them on the Caucasus map, around the Kerch Strait between Crimea and the Russian coast. This use of a completely different part of the world requires quite a stretch of the imagination to really allow anyone to enjoy the mission (including myself) but It still allows for a rough approximation of a more contemporary conflict as the features of the area chosen allow for positioning of key objectives semi-accurately, ie; RAF Mount Pleasant (Anapa) being not too far West of Stanley (Novorossysk) and
  10. South Atlantic Map I agree there should be two separate maps. They would be bought as one but installed as two separate map options. They would share the majority of terrain files so as to reduce download size and HDD/SSD space. The 1982 version would have the same terrain shape as the modern equivalent including the flat surface required for Mt Pleasant runway / taxiways etc, but minus the actual runway/taxiway images and buildings. Mare harbour would also be the same, as would Stanley airfield and the modern radar installations (Mt Kent, Byron Heights, Mt Alice etc). Terrain shapes being
  11. South Atlantic map Hi people of RAZBAM, It's great to see you're working on the South Atlantic map, it will add a nice bit of variety to the choice of maps in DCS. Would it be possible to make two versions; pre and post Falklands war 1982? This would require limited changes such as Mt. Pleasant and Mare harbour being added/removed and alterations to Stanley airfield. Thanks for all the hard work anyway, Harrier is great! Regards, ANT (EGNF) UK
  12. Hello to all the people of UK Navalopps! My name is Anthony and I am a fellow DCS enthusiast with at least 20 years flight simming experience, I am also equally interested in the RAF and to a lesser extent the Fleet Air Arm / Royal Navy, so having found your group on the ED forums and due to it's Harrier / RAF / Navy / British relevance, I thought you may be interested in a mission I have been steadily working on over the last 6 months or so. The mission is a simple, fictional Falklands War 2 scenario set in late 2009, the equipment / aircraft / ships / units used are carefully chosen
  13. Falklands War 2 Hi, I have produced a mission like this, only it is set in 2009 due to a lack of a suitable isolated airfield on the maps available. It is a fictional second Falklands War; https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3116233/ give it a try and let me know what you think ANT (EGNF) UK
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