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  1. I'm pretty sure you got it right: Starting Point and Destination Point. A little further down you would select what type of waypoint it is. See image for detail. This is where you would make it a landing point. See DCS User Manual 2020 page 192. What aircraft are you testing this in? I don't do any scripting, I just use the built in triggers. Some quick searching on the internet for "DCS lua scripting" returned this: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/scripting_engine/
  2. I had this problem too. Turns out their tasking is set to CAP when the mission is generated. I go into the mission editor and change everyone to Ground Attack.
  3. Don't forget this is not a Heads Up Display like "modern" aircraft. This is only a gyro sight like on WW2 aircraft. Here is layout of the fixed net sight:
  4. How will we ever win our war against nature if we let trees run rampant?
  5. I'm pretty sure this game had coop capability. As in you could fly the Hind with your friend in the front seat over modem or TCP/IP.
  6. You can try out Better Smoke v4 over in the DCS Mods section until something better some along.
  7. I interpreted this as the radar waiting for a solid, steady signal for accurate ranging.
  8. corn322

    R-73 missile?

    Did you just try to tell him off by linking him to his own cold war server thread?
  9. There's also something about elevator authority when the ARU is in high speed mode. Check this post and the one below:: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4470304#post4470304
  10. What about the RSBN, ARK, and Radio placards in the cockpit? It would be neat if these were blank and could be filled in at runtime by a text file, instead of swapping the cockpit depending on the map and/or mission.
  11. I just took this for a spin, both figuratively and literally. Was super fun. I haven't flown a chopper in DCS before. Last time I "flew" a chopper was 8 or 9 years ago playing Hind. A bit tough a first, but soon enough I was able to cruise around Batumi stable enough for sight seeing. I gotta say DCS sure does look different from down here.
  12. I'd like to play around with this also. If I buy flowers do I get a copy of the program?
  13. These are the same thing. Both are individual units using tactics to accomplish strategic goals. But what are these "strategic goals?" Gaining territory and resources for your side while denying territory and resources to the enemy. The Real Time part of RTS just means things happen concurrently. The Strategy parts is how you want to win. Use high tech long range units to win a war of attrition? How about flooding with low tech cheap units to overwhelm the enemy before they can respond? Multi-pronged harassment until a vulnerability develops? This applies to all RTS games.
  14. Is the K for "критерий" - kriteriy - criteria?
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