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  1. AAA and Flak not appearing for me. This is placing them in a simple SP mission as a red group and starting up in a USA hornet. In both syria and caucuses I have a template for a SA-3 site with a few zsu-23 AAA trucks... the SA-3 shows up but none of the trucks do.
  2. Thanks, how do you slave to the velocity vector? Cage/Uncage used to work..
  3. How do you bore sight the damn thing?
  4. Is there a guide or can any of you share tips on Jester working the radar. At long range employing the AIM-54 he seems pretty good at finding, sorting contacts and stuff. At short to medium range, (15-30 miles) he does not seem to be able to find much on his own. For example I get a BRA call from AWACS 15 miles, 10,000 feet below me I turn on the heading, see nothing on TID. I tell Jester to search low, middle.. nothing. I'm pretty good at working the radar on the Hornet so I understand what he should be doing back there. Would love to hear some tips on how you use Jester.
  5. I had the same issue. Using wpsdg will keep the GBU 12’s from picking up a laser. Even after deselecting everything to do with the waypoint system. I get a good drop on target, but the bomb never sees the laser. Also it does a weird thing where the LTD/R toggles on and off with the trigger press, instead of holding down the trigger to fire the laser.
  6. Does anyone notice the FLIR resolution is much worse on the litening in the hornet than warthog? This a bug?
  7. Anyone know how to boresight or center the TGP? Did not see in the vids thanks
  8. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=236301&page=5 I've been blown out of the sky in a hornet several times on the 104th multiplayer server from a Phoenix with zero warning and I was wondering how the heck that was happening.
  9. In MP I cannot get the AGM-65F's to work after a rearm. Scenario: Take off in MP with 65F's Shoot them at targets Land/Re-Arm with more 65F's No countdown timer and the missile does not display an image. I have tried cycling through the stations, selecting other weapons and coming back. Nada. I will get a track file tonight.
  10. Which button is that? For some reason I thought they had not incorporated that feature yet.
  11. Event: 1v1 Squadron Name: 355th VFS Teamspeak/Discord: TS3/none Contact person: Me Aircraft Selection. F/A-18 Pilots: "Gaffer"
  12. Thanks for the help This was a binding issue. The bindings appeared correct, when I pressed the button on my HOTAS, the sensor select left was immediately highlighted in my control assignments page, leading me to believe that the bindings were all good. (same with right, fwd, aft etc..) However, I decided to clear those bindings and re-do them, just for the hell of it, and wham, all is good now!
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