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  1. Sadly I don't think so, unlike MilesD and the PointCTRL devices (which I'm definitely getting next once he's finished V2). Even if TrackHat did have a Discord, I would hope that 2 x emails directly from a customer, in addition to an email from PayPal dispute resolution, would be a more professional form of contact than a game-centric chat program.
  2. Oh of course the site is running. otherwise I would not have been able to place the initial order that I'm now disputing. However with no updates on the order for a month despite 2 attempts to contact them, nor updating of my online profile with said order, the "website being up" in my opinion is not clear indication that my order is being processed, let alone that the company (most likely 1 guy + 3D printer) is even operating.
  3. Is TrackHat still operating? https://www.trackhat.org/trackhat-clip-plus I purchased a version #1 of the TrackHat Clip Plus in 2017. I received shipping information 2 days after and the product not long after that. As I have been playing a lot of DCS lately, I thought it would be better to order a second so that I can alternate charging. The version #2 also seemed promising in that it had a smaller design and better battery capacity. Placed order in Dec 2020. I never received shipping information nor was my online profile on the website updated with the order. Sent my firs
  4. Agreed that this was the solution. I'm also unsure if doing this pre- or post-INS alignment has an impact, which it shouldn't from a systems perspective in either case, and thus again only dependent on whether Jester is setting-up other systems at the same time. EDIT: pre-INS alignment works fine as well, as long as the waypoints are submitted to Jester only after each one is complete, and not during the first 7secs of the alignment when he is entering in the current position. That being said I can recall a few patches go being able to submit, if not "queue-up", several w
  5. I'm also having this problem, even after waiting for Jester to complete startup including INS alignment.
  6. Seems to bring up the communication menu for all channels unfortunately. For those of us who routinely use SRS, it would be good to add an option in the 'Special' menu that prevents the communication menu from being opened when utilising the radio (and to a lesser degree) ICS triggers. Heat blur have add numerous options in this regard for the F14, so this should be able to be implemented.
  7. I'm also having issues with the AI co-pilot not firing the M134, even when set to free fire ROE. I've tried a new mission with the me as the pilot never lowering the pilot sight. I've even tried in a new mission moving to the co-pilot seat, lowering his sight and then moving back to the pilot seat, and he still won't fire. Interestingly in this scenario when you lower the co-pilot sight then migrate back to the pilot seat, the AI co-pilot seems to track targets with his sight, but just won't fire. === Could this be an issue with incomplete implementation of the new "show crew in
  8. Switching the Mig21 radar from standby to active causes large intermittent drops in FPS. This can be visualised by the sensor output from GPU-Z below: Note the intermittent spikes then drops in GPU clock speed and VDDC. Also note that no PerfCap reasons are specified e.g. Thrm, Pwr, etc. = does not seem to be GPU throttling due to voltage, high temps, etc. Mig21 radar on in SP: F16C radar on in SP: My specs: P750TM-G laptop OS: Win10 x64 v2004 (latest) GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU Drivers: 452.06 (latest) CPU: i7 7700 RAM: 32GB HD for DCS install: Samsung SSD 860 EVO
  9. Agreed. Tankers should not reveal ground unit positions.
  10. This seems fairly complex as there is many different ways and areas to damage the runway c.f. repair which is just removal of the decals and the associated 'sink into ground' effect. However taking this suggestion further for the sake of server owners: In addition to repair, it would also be good if a mission flag could be set to allow or not allow runway damage entirely. This would flag would be beneficial for more dogfight orientated servers.
  11. Just because it's added as a feature for mission makers to utilize, doesn't mean they have to use it.
  12. This is needed and would very much be appreciated.
  13. A clear method I've found to avoiding this bug on MP servers where pre-aligned INS is allowed: 1) Start-up harrier but do NOT switch "INS Mode Knob" from OFF 2) Select EHSD 3) Select Data on EHSD page -> Data should now be boxed 4) Switch "INS Mode Knob" from OFF to NAV 5) Enter "77" (or any other number > 1) into UFC and pres ENT 6) Enter coordinates for WP #1 as normal If you start-up the Harrier, switch the "INS Mode Knob" from OFF to NAV, then press Data you will CTD. I'm unsure if the existing 'you must have an existing WP to enter subsequent WP in MP' bug and subsequent
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