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  1. Well... unfortunatly very important stuff like that does not sell modules... that's why we will have JSOW, JDAMs and all sort of other stuff half implemented before these small but very important feature are added to the FCR... sad really.
  2. I believe it's coming, just not implemented at this time, Early access, Work in progress, blabla bla
  3. Same here, Caucasus runs fine, PG, Syria and NTTR do not load. No Antivirus deleted files.
  4. Hello ! Is the KC10 working for anyone ? He just does not want to guide the boom in the receptacle after he clears me pre-contact. Great mod, great addition, thank you for all your efforts.
  5. Has this issue been adressed ? There is a track right here...
  6. Hello ! I am looking for help as we often get L16 issue in our squadron missions, has any other group the same problems ? So we startup, L16 is fine I can see a lot of Airplanes on SA, but at some point it just goes empty. We are talking 20-30 clients airborne and no one receives anything from the AWACS anymore. E-3A is on orbit and has EPLRS on. F-16 or F-18, does not matter, L16 drops out some point, Figther to Fighter seem to keep working. Any idea ? No scripts, but we use the CAM, MAM, FrenchPack and 476 thRange pack Mods but i doubt it's the issue. I don'
  7. Is that so ? So if you change the System Time from the jet on the DED TIME page you will drop from the L16 ? We have been having L16 issues on big mission when we reset the time to have the same time in the 4ship fro exemple so that could be it ?
  8. Hello everyone ! First post here ! With my squadron Joint Task Force France, we held our "Poker" exercice last week. Poker is a training mission that the French Air Force does every couple of months to train the nuclear employment mission. A bunch of blue airplanes will rejoin with some Tankers, and then a low altitude penetration is performed in order to fire the weapon at some simulated targets. Some squadrons will be providing Air superiority/Escort to the strikers, some will play RedFor. Of course most of the details are not public and we had to make ajustments to make it work
  9. LaBise

    WIP KC-135 MPRS

    Looking great ! Do we have any idea how much more fuel than the KC-130 this bad boy can carry ?
  10. Thanks it was my mistake, they add 25knots at the waypoint 0 but 11 at the wpt 1... But anyway thanks for the templates and help.
  11. Sorry it's kink of out of the loop, but my carrier group wont accelerate past 11 knots for some reason. How did you manage to get 25 knots out of them Rudel ?
  12. Very sorry for the late notice, stuff has come up, won't be able to be home tonight, have a good one. 8TH_Marco F/A-18C
  13. Thanks for the event, and kudos to our blue side GCI who did a great job ! Great fun looking forward to next one.
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