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  1. Another update in 2 days, and nothing for the ICLS....Heatblur join a fix to ED brefore the Super Carrier Release! in your changelog 2.5.6 49314 : Fixed datalink connections with supercarrier. (Note: ACLS is currently off glideslope, we will fix it asap. ICLS is working as intended) What's wrong with you ED? A third party (Heatblur) make a better work than you with your FA/18 for the aeronaval ops, and it's embarrassing for you? ;)
  2. flo0o

    Mirage F1

    No communication about the statment of the F1 since a very long time......can we have more information from aviodev before 2021 :music_whistling:
  3. flo0o

    Mirage F1

    Sure, but can we have some pictures or development status?
  4. flo0o

    Mirage F1

    Some news about the developpment?
  5. Very funny....:music_whistling:
  6. flo0o

    Mirage F1

    Thank's, it's a good news ! :thumbup:
  7. Hi guys, I have a problem (every time) with the cold and dark start, only with G.P Map and on the stennis deck (no problem on a ground airbase): When I ask to jester to align the INS, he insert the datas on the computer and just before the alignment sequence, I have a "HS" on the panel. no problems with Caucasus....anybody have a solution for me? Thanks
  8. flo0o

    Our roadmap

    Any news about the 2000-5?
  9. flo0o

    Mirage F1

    Dear aviodev team, can we have some news about the F1 ?:music_whistling:
  10. I agree! Seriously; the time begins to be long; and the patience to be strain. It was cool to watch the jabber's videos; but the time pass away, and we gets frustated It's like a beautiful present for a kid: the present is at home, he saw this; and you say....not the moment, not the moment.....but any time, during the winter. Psychologic torture? ;)
  11. flo0o

    WIP KC-135 MPRS

    Nope, it work fine with band Y :smilewink:
  12. flo0o

    Mirage F1

    Congrat fort the work in the C101 module. You will restart the Mirage F1 soon?
  13. Ok, an other question: the radar ground visualisation will be implented or not?
  14. Great news, thank you Razbam. Just one question at 300$: the flight model will not be modified? what are your feedback with the 2/5 in this point?
  15. Yes, I can; but the KC135 is here and bugged since a very long time ago!
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