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  1. If it is working correctly then they should change the text to “Realistic maverick tdc slew” as it only covers that one specific thing. Pretty bad user experience if that’s the case in my opinion.
  2. I really wish custom spawn spots would be a feature for this module.
  3. Positive rate of climb and turn to BRC. Once at 600ft do a left 27 degree turn, similar to when you are behind the ship but maintain 600 ft. That should put you on the right abeam distance for your downwind. From there just fly the remaining case 1 pattern. If there are other planes (for instance coming in for the break) which ever gets to the bow first has priority and who doesn’t have that priority needs to slot in with appropriate spacing. For the CQ pattern once you leave the cat establish a climb to 600, lower hook and flaps and as above do a left hand 27 degree level
  4. Radars are really sensitive to fragments. It doesn't take much to destroy them.
  5. What aspect did you attack the convoy from? Keep in mind that when the laser goes on it has to be in the seeker heads field of view. I’ve found that attacking very fast moving vehicles from the front or sides can (depending on the drop altitude) cause the bomb to not see the laser and just go ballistic into the ground. Check your track file, you’ll be able to see if the bomb saw the laser or not.
  6. For the lot number that we have that’s correct behavior
  7. Appreciate you looking into it.
  8. I've noticed a contact shows up on D/L, SA Page and on the attack radar when the radar is at 160NM, when decreased to 80NM it disappears from the attack radar display even though it's within 80NM. Track attached. Link_Not_Showing_Up.trk
  9. Why does the F-16 not have the same bloom effect?
  10. It should track as well?
  11. How are you getting those ranges? The Second picture is at 30 miles with the missile at my 6 hence me using the aft antenna. The One with the pod is at 16.9 miles.
  12. I've seen it as well, but when flying that far my track file is too large to attach here in the forums.
  13. Was the seeker head via the datalink really that bad as it is in DCS? I say beyond 15 it's barely useable. I can't imagine (even though it was a quick process) that the test squadron sent a stand off weapon to the fleet with the seeker head un-useable beyond 15-20 miles.
  14. fmedges

    Missile API

    Yeah, it’s quite frustrating from a user experience standpoint. There is both a beta build and stable build but both are a mess in terms of consistency with regards to the missile behavior.
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