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  1. Flappie, renaming the saved games folder worked! Now, what is the next step? Thank you. However the module uninstall did not work, I followed exactly the instructions for all the 6 modules I wanted to uninstall but then I started game again and they were still there. Any advice on this'? Thanks
  2. Hello. I'm having an issue after uploading the latest update, my escape key is not working anymore so when I crash or want to go back to menu, I need to go to task manager and end the game from there. Also, I had some airplanes that I was trying during the free demo days, and now every time I start the game I have to go thru all that dialog about i don't own those airplanes, then I get 2 options, bind or skip. Whatever I do, next time I start the game I have to go thru the same. Can you help me with these 2 issues? Thanks!
  3. Thank you, i will open a ticket and i don't have many hopes on it; it was not on other sim or account, i remember i purchased it (the bf-109) and it was for me the most difficult to fly as a newbie.
  4. Ok, now i understand what's going on with the Module Manager. Since i'm sure i had purchased some more airplanes that won't show in my license list, i am absolutely sure that at some point i purchased the bf-109 and played a lot with it. Does this happen 9that some purchases might not show in your License list? What should if i wanted someone from ED looking at this? or do you believe that if it is not in my license list it is gone forever, and i won't be able to retrieve them?\\thanks
  5. I have not purchased anything from Steam, and i never used multiple accounts. What keeps confusing me is if I open module manager in game, there is a list of 41 or 42 modules that say "now you can install". From that list I installed some of what i remembered but on this list i also see some that I don't believe i have bought. All them , even the ones I own, list a price, then 'install", and if i try to install one that I don't think i ever owned, it just installs it and there is not anything saying that I'm buying a module. This is pretty confusing...can you explain to me how that Module mana
  6. Hi rudel, that helped but for some reason it won't show all my purchases i know, for instance, that i purchased the b109 (I already installed it) however it won't show on that license page. And i'm pretty sure i had more airplanes...just for some reason they won't show. however i appreciate your help, thank you so much!
  7. Sorry to bother you all with this, but i am so lost! I had to stop playing DCS for 2 years or longer. Now I want to come back to the game but I had to install the game in a new PC. I started by adding some modules i remember i purchased in the past, like p51, Spitfire, B109, Nevada. But I am quite convinced that I had some modules more that i purchased and sadly i can't remember what they are. Is there a way to know in game or in ED website what modules do I own? I can see in game a long list of modules but how could I know the ones I "own"? Thanks!
  8. thanks for all your help, finally i managed to download it!
  9. i checked ivp6, it was enabled.\ then i added DCS to the exceptions in windows antivirus, as it was instructed. then tried to download DCS...again, and after about 2 hours I got this: 04541.937 INFO : Got incomplete data for CoreMods/aircraft/F-16C/Liveries/F-16C_50/152nd_Fighter_Squadron.zip. Resuming... 04541.939 INFO : Got incomplete data for Bazar/World/textures/MI26_textures.zip. Resuming... 04541.939 INFO : Got incomplete data for Bazar/World/textures/Su-25_Russian_Skins.zip. Resuming... 04541.941 INFO : Got incomplete data for Mods/terrains/Caucasus/vfstextures/
  10. Thanks to both for your responses. I don't know what ipV6 is. Also, the only antivirus I'm using is the windows one. if you could tell me where to enable IPV6, and if i can add my dCS folder as an exception to the Windows antivirus. Thank you!
  11. Good day! I have tried to download DCS for 3 times, all of them without success because, after several hours, the download gets cut. This is the log i get: 15996.592 INFO : Got incomplete data for CoreMods/aircraft/F14/Liveries/f-14b/VF-103 Sluggers 206 (1995)/HB_F14_WING_RIGHT.dds. Resuming... 15996.593 INFO : Got incomplete data for CoreMods/aircraft/F14/Liveries/f-14b/VF-74 Adversary/HB_F14_EXT_01.dds. Resuming... 15996.593 INFO : Got incomplete data for CoreMods/aircraft/F14/Liveries/f-14b/VF-103 Sluggers 207 (1991)/HB_F14_WING_RIGHT.dds. Resuming... 15996.595 INFO : Got
  12. Hello. After leaving the game for about 2 years I'm trying to get back to it; I downloaded DCS to a different computer. When I run DCS I'm asked for my old license keys for several airplanes and Nevada module, I could find all my keys but one in my profile (The F-15c one) I used to have that airplane but it won't show in profile so I can't retrieve my key, and I am asked for it every time I start DCS. I really would like to have that airplane back but I am clueless since it won't show in profile...can anyone help with this issue? Thanks in advance! (I forgot to mention that I purchased all
  13. Very nice mod, however panel instruments won't work for me...what am i doing wrong? Thanks.
  14. It did not work for me when I first put Green Thunder under the subfolder "terrains". One step back, just in folder "mods", it worked.
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