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  1. Presently, change of the UI language (menus, user documentation, training, missions, campaigns, cockpits, etc.) is done manually by repairing DCS installation. During the repair some of other language files (e.g. flight manuals, training missions and videos) are deleted and replaced with their versions in the selected language. I personally, prefer having docs and missions of Russian aircrafts in Russian, while keeping other mods in English. Could we just have an option on the main DCS screen allowing quick switch from one language to another without re-torrenting and deleting other languag
  2. The Swiss knife of the aviation. The aircraft "AK-47" - your best friend. It can fly, it can hover, it can perform water landings, if needed it may even become submersible... and I heard "Mir" space station had one spared for emergency evacuation. You can bet, this monster can run on coal or sunflower oil. Yeah, we need one of those for special missions (e.g. landing in an enemy stadion).:pilotfly:
  3. May be I am this kind of guy who is looking for campaigns with good and intriguing story lines. Both Mi-8 and Uh-1H shine among the other mods with their missions including not only shooting and avoiding being shot but also rescuing, relocating troops, and transporting cargo tasks. It would be great if we get some transport/multi-role airplanes too.
  4. Their site is still down (already 4 days). The support site is down too. Doesn't look good to me.
  5. I don't know what is the current AI logic regarding 'unknown' units. Is there a status 'unknown' or the units can be only friendly, enemy, and neutral? And if there is 'unknown' status defined then will the bots attack unknown units - an unset transponder could make the player 'invisible' for the enemy bots.
  6. It would be great if we can utilize the existing IFF panels in a meaningful way or at least have something simple and dirty until a 'real' solution is implemented: - Include in the mission description a required code, frequency, etc. to which aircraft's transponder shall be tuned. - Enable aircraft transponder's controls (knobs, buttons, levers, etc.) so that player can 'tune' on the required code/frequency. - Keep everything in the game 'as it is' in terms of unit identification as friendly or enemy with only one exception (see below). - If the player hasn't configured the trans
  7. I have noticed that sometimes when I send via Data Link a target which is in the database but has been already destroyed to one of my units to attack as a single target, or attack as "target by type" it causes DSC World to freeze and consequently crash.
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