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  1. Swedish and Austrian versions are quite different. It is not expected to release both. But I could work on skins...
  2. I chose Saab 105 instead of Draken cause it's still in service... ;) Draken, maybe next...
  3. You welcome. :) And very nice video indeed. :D After long hibernation, it is time now to go back to some new Saab projects...
  4. Sorry, I was very overbooked this last month. Then, I think release the file very soon... Cheers
  5. Before end August, I should provide a such file with a very low-poly model. ;)
  6. Hmmm... Sharing some tips is one thing, giving a full Max file is an other. Personally, I won't provide one of my file, they have some "value" and I will not appreciate find these to be sold on any 3D website. But, what can be done, it to create a basic plane, or a low detailed model with the basic animations needed in FC. Will think about it.
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