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  1. OB update is due this Friday o later next week? Anyone?
  2. Hi, when in STT lock I can see he target on the tv screen but the HUD symbology lacks the cross representing the TCS. I only see the target designated by the rectangle. Did I miss something?
  3. I have i5-4460, gtx 1060 6gb, 250gb ssd and 16gb ram and I must say that I havent't observed any of this, I was quite surprised that the performance wasn' t almost affectet except longer loading times. I havent' checked the fps, but it doesn't feel stuttery ... I have even managed to play the 104th dedicated whole evening.
  4. I've finished with my first online employment. So far I am thrilled, but I'm also wondering how do I get him to lock several targets in tws and then fire at them being still in the front seat. So far he can only lock targets using STT. Also I am getting only the target designator with no cross displayed over it.
  5. Well, clearly the don't have rio yet. Noone has seen it yet. I posted it before and I'll repeat it, they just handle the hype and information flow very badly. Now I'm just coping with refund request on March 21st which is getting more and more likely every day...
  6. Well, for a long time I thought I was not gonna participate in this discussion. Bur, I really think that HB attitude adds to the general frustration due to their bad handling of information flow and updates. Just to remind everyone: Jan 2017 when Viggen came out they promised F-14 to be released untill the end of 2017 - did not happen and instead of F-14 we got an apoligy and statement that it will for sure be ready in 2018 - did not happen. They promised it will be released during winter 2019 but kept winking at us so everyone was hyped for 12.21.2018 - did not happen. They failed in ke
  7. Hi, I've observed during online gameplay, that I can not get past mach 1. I'm full throttle, diving, but engines are somehow reducing rpm so I can not accelerate further. On takeoff full burner 100% RPM but as I get faster they start decreasing. Is it a bug or I've forgot to switch something off or on? THX
  8. I have the same problem running 1080p - thick unreadable text when zoomed out. I've tried various graphic settings so far but nothing helps.
  9. Thx, I'm not currently using any microphone. I just wanted to listen, but it might be the problem.... But thx anyway.
  10. Hi all, I cannot get the SRS to connect. It crashes instantly as I hit connect button. Any advice? I've already reinstalled it, running it as admin.
  11. TGP FLIR Yes, I'd like to add on contrast problems when using FLIR TPOD at night - absolutely unusable you just see green or black, you can't locate anything. It started after last patch.
  12. Since last night and update to 2.5 I have not been able to join any server. Loading screen is on for 10 minutes and then just reverts to main menu. I has happened to me with 1.5.X but just for the first join server attempt and then everything worked properly. Now MP simply doesn't work for me. i5, 16GB RAM, GTX960
  13. Historical photograph of unknown Harrier pilot during airstrikes on Serbia in 1999. (Colorized)
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