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  1. I'll give it a try because I'm tired of trying to fly watching a 1930's movie.
  2. You don't make any sense. The first line says don't run reprojection and motion smoothing together. The second line says that 2.7 is picky. Then 1) says ENABLE reprojection/motion smoothing. I think you should rethink what you said and clarify it.
  3. I should clarify. I know the end mission mapping is a general command. My problem is that ESC works in all the other places it should but not in CA. There are some key mappings that are screwed up. I would suggest that ED QC the entire CA system for usability. It's like the title says...I can't use Tac Cmd on the server I fly on because there is no end mission key bind and no other keys work either. You come in on an isometric view and that's all you get. You can't select any other position in the unit.
  4. Switching to Edge worked. So much for a universal browser.
  5. I'd like to try this but every link I click on goes absolutely nowhere. Does anybody know where Kegety's shaders are currently posted.
  6. It's been a while but I feel safe in saying that Z170 and 270 chipsets won't support VR. You can see by my sig that I have upgraded my system. I now have at least a workable VR system but the 2070 is running really hard to get any kind of decent output. The 8GB of memory is topped out along with the GPU running at 2000 OC'd and the memory at 7000. If your going VR, spend your money on a top end GPU first...if you can find one. Right now that will be all you can afford.
  7. I'll come back and revisit this when I get my HMD back and see if it has anything to do with my problem.
  8. I didn't really know how to define the term "blurry" so that you would understand so I Googled "vision charts". The 20/100 is the one that come closet to what I'm seeing in DCS. I should say that this blurryness is each eye. It's not a matter of adjusting something like the IPD. I think your right about DCS though. They need to stop new development and fix what they have now. I think VR is going to become more popular and more used as it matures and while most of their users will always be 2D there will be a growing VR community that they can't ignore. I remember watching a Youtube
  9. Unfortunately HP is letting us do the testing they should do. I think you'll agree that the rest of my components should provide enough horsepower to run the G2 without the blurryness...at least on the lowest setting. There's no way to test it though. I just have to rely on others with a 170 or 270 chipset to respond. I haven't heard from any of them though. Those are the only 2 chipsets that will run the i7-7700 and I'm not willing to fork out the money to try a Z270 only to find out it won't work either. My friend with the Z490, I5-10600 and 3080 will test the G2 on his system t
  10. Well, nobody fesses up to running the G2 on a Z100 series chipset. I'm going to take my rig over to a friends Monday. He's running a i5-10600 on a Z490 chipset. I'll see if his HMD will run on my system, it's not a G2. I'll also see if the G2 will run on his system. If nothing else I'll see what VR is suppose to look like and if the G2 works on his system I'll start looking for an upgrade to my system.
  11. I've read about that. Assuming that I have to replace my 100 series chipset MB, I'll go through the other post here in the VR section and make note of the MB's that others have listed in their sig's and make notes as to which ones are having problems and which ones are helping. I can only assume that the ones helping have working systems and would be the best choice for a new MB. I other words, I'll follow the heard and assume they know what they are doing. I just looked at the list that you linked...my MB is on it and the chipset is listed 4 times. The Z170X series. I guessing the
  12. The G2 is my first experience with VR so I'm learning and everything is new to me. I wasn't sure if that was normal or a symptom of a problem. Better to put everything out there and be educated.
  13. The DCS server I fly on has a tech channel so I asked an open question there...Is there anybody here that is running the G2 on an Intel 100 series chipset that's working fine? I'll post here what I find out.
  14. No luck with the fxo and metashaders files. There was no change. I could not find a lone metashaders folder to delete anything from. When I fly I seem to get a locked 45FPS with a low 20's frame time. And I don't see what "smoothers" have to do with this. If I'm holding my head still and looking at the instruments the image should be clear. I'm beginning to think the problem is a way the hardware and software are interacting. I've installed a couple of the free games on Steam and they work fine and are perfectly clear. X Plane is blurry but not as much as DCS. I rememb
  15. A lot of good info Shaun. I am already looking at a MB and CPU upgrade BUT, it will probably have to wait since stock seems to be at an all time low making prices extremely high. Maybe by that time I can look at a 3000 series card also. You described what I see exactly. Ever try to land the HIND like that? It's a beast when you can see correctly, and you can forget about getting into a furball with anything in Redfor.
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