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  1. *Facepalm* Been struggling with this for quite a while and just figured out the solution... It was TOO easy... Just map BTN26 to HÖJD and that's it!
  2. Been trying to get a good mapping of the controls done for my Warthog. One thing I'm struggling with setting up is the three autopilot modes ATT, HÖJD and ATT/HÖJD. I wanted to set it up so that the Autopilot Engage/Disengage (BTN26) coupled with the 3-pos switch next to it (Path, Alt/Hdg, Alt) would engage/disengage whichever mode I set the 3-pos switch to. For example: With the 3-pos switch set to PATH and pressing BTN26 would engage ATT mode. Second press would disengage ATT mode and so on... Unfortunately I haven't got it to work either by mapping in DCS or working
  3. I'm currently using Logitech pedals that are connected through an old G940 FFB flightstick that has a two-stage trigger. Once I get a new desk for my gaming station where I can center mount my A-10 Warthog flightstick I plan on having the G940 stick to my right and use as radar stick!
  4. Got the same problem with my first mission in the ME with the added problem of the aircraft starting in the wrong direction. Can't seem to find a way to change that either.
  5. No, the custom commands are still there in the Throttle - HOTAS Warthog.lua file but I can't find them anymore in DCS. That's why I was beginning to wonder if this file is no longer used and changes need to be made to the default.lua file instead... It's located under D:\Games\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\FW-190A8\Input\FW-190A8\Joystick\
  6. Has there been changes since June 2020 as to what file to edit? Thanks to this thread I did some changes to my Viggen and Fw190A8 switches for my TM Warthog throttle back in May last year. Those changes worked great and were saved in the Throttle - HOTAS Warthog.lua file. Since June I haven't had time for DCS but when I came back to fly now I noticed that updates had removed my changes. Fortunately I had backups of them. But after restoring the backup Throttle - HOTAS Warthog.lua file I still don't see the mappings I made in DCS.
  7. Thank you all for the valuable inputs! This will be of great help when considering my purchase! :)
  8. I'm on the hunt for some higher end rudder pedals to use with DCS and IL-2. I want to have the kind of pedals where you normally have your heels on the floor and move your feet up to use the toe brakes. I'm mostly used to that kind of pedals from the airliner and heli full flight sims I work with. So far I have three candidates, TM TPR Pedals, Virpil ACE-2 and Slaw Device Viper RX2. Anyone members here that have these and would care to comment on what theyr'e like to fly with? I saw a couple of threads from back in 2017 that compared the Slaw and Baur designs at that time wh
  9. Thanks for the info! :thumbup: That's what I was thinking as well that I might have the most options available for the future as well with the CM2 base.
  10. I recently got a 2nd hand Warthog kit for my sim flying and plan on upgrading the base of the flight stick. Been trying to read up on which base is better suited for me with this grip but I can't really come to any conclusion... I plan on having the stick mounted with Monster Tech table mounts, center or right side, without any extension at least to start with. The most informing I've read is that some users feel the weight of the Warthog grip on the WarBRD base makes it feel a bit wobbly. Anyone out there that could comment on how it feels with the T-50CM2 base without an extension?
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