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  1. My brother and I used to like to create missions and fly them, however neither of us can see each others' servers now, and connecting directly by IP results in an error. We are both on the same network, and as far as I know, our firewall settings have not changed. What gives? Has anyone else experienced this? The last time we made it work was (I think) before version 1.5.5.
  2. Lol I can barely do that. Just fly VFR and learn the basics first.
  3. I get this every time I accidentally jam the gear.
  4. I have been flying 1v1s against AI MiGs in the Sabre a lot lately and I find that the MiG is exceedingly tough to spot compared to other planes. At long ranges, I can see him fine, but when I get him in close it seems almost like he is translucent. I have lost many fights because the enemy just vanished and the reappeared on my tail. I don't have this issue with other jets, just the MiG. What is going on?
  5. I can take down Bf-109s with a decent burst of 50 cal, but you have to hit near the cockpit or engine. When I was flying the 109 in multiplayer, I was chased by a spit and two mustangs for several minutes, taking hit after hit, until my engine quit because all the fluids leaks out. I'm not sure if it is broken, but it sure is tough.
  6. I once fired all of my ammo into a MiG, only for him to keep flying. I finally killed him by ramming into him with my vertical stabilizer. I lost half my tail, but returned to base (Sabre living up to its name). MiG damage model is ridiculously broken, and the only reliable way to down MiGs without using all your ammo is to aim for the wing roots.
  7. I can easily defeat AI MiGs in the F-86. The only issue is that the MiGs seem to soak up 50 cal rounds like nothing else. I have run out of ammo fighting one MiG. (while using gun sight) It seems like the engine on the MiG can take 25-30 rounds and still run, and to get a reliable kill I have to get in close and aim for the wing roots. The Sabre seems to be far better then the MiG in the flight characteristics department, so I think you might just need a little practice. Maybe try fighting MiGs with the AI set to novice, until you can learn how the jet handles, and how to best exploit weaknesses in the MiG. I find that the Sabre turns better then the MiG at higher speeds, and it seems to accelerate quicker. Try not to loose too much speed in a turn fight, because the MiG can more easily get on you six if both of you are near stall. I haven't played this jet much though, so I recommend you try to reach your own conclusions. The other thing to note is that the missiles are worthless in a dog fight, and they weigh you down massively. Only use them to hunt bombers, and if you do get into a fight with a MiG, use the Safe Fire button to get rid of them.:D
  8. Couldn't they use the framework from the Saab Viggen?
  9. Looking forwards to getting another Russian bird.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I will try some of these against the AI. I find the slightly more predictable nature of the AI makes it a lot easier to maintain situational awareness.
  11. I find that when fighting FC3 jets, I tend to be eliminated before the merge, and since they have longer ranges I find myself at a disadvantage. Do you have any tips? (apart from firing one 530 early to make them panic and break)
  12. Thanks for the tips. I didn't know their was a tail wheel lock, and I was using buttons on the stick to steer. I will try and see if I can do it better now.
  13. I have a hell of a time steering the 109 on the runway. After a certain speed I can use the rudder to steer, but until then I have to steer with the brakes, and I can barely take off on a good day. With landings, I get it on the ground fine, but I often flip during the roll out. I have no rudder pedals. Any tips on getting this monster in hand?
  14. Saab viggen should do it, and I think some of the airbases might be longer, because they flew strategic bombers out of them during the war.
  15. I really like the way that X-plane 11 does this, and it would be a nice addition for DCS 2.5
  16. I found this image of an Irish Cessna 172 armed with rocket pods:
  17. I have tested by attaining altitude and the ensuring that I achieved total hover, (attitude indicator level, no speed), and then dropping the collective to min. I ensured I was vertically descending using the F3 view. Despite vertical decent faster then the instruments could measure, I was able to recover with ease and maintain my hover. As far as I can tell, VRS cannot be achieved in the gazelle.
  18. Sometimes when I fly the aircraft I get strange phantom radar contacts. These contact will move around and disappear and reappear seemingly at random, and cannot be locked. Am I doing something wrong, or are there UFOs in DCS?:)
  19. Lately, when I try to start the Huey, I cannot get the aircraft to start with the throttle at the low setting, I have to move it quite a bit up before the engine will start, at which point the engine starts with a three foot orange flame coming out of the exhaust. I used to be able to start it normally, what gives?
  20. Be careful to not descend too fast while going too slowly. Choppers seem to like to enter vortex ring state more easily when overburdened. Try to plan your landings so that you don't enter a hover until you are only a few feet above your target, and keep moving forwards until then.
  21. I know that the F-5E has no ABS, but even when I assign the braking to a joy axis I wind up frequently sliding on landings. When I apply the brakes sparingly enough to avoid locking them, I have trouble stopping without the chute on all but the longest runways. Is this realistic? I feel like the F-5E overall has too low tire friction, it feels like the tires are made of wax sometimes. I love the jet, and with the chute this is only a small issue, but still, it seems weird, and it has caused a few crashes.
  22. I have been unable to replicate a vortex ring state in the gazelle. I have tried to enter one by entering a hover and then rapidly descending. Even my RC quads suffer from this conditions, so I'm pretty sure the gazelle is not immune to VRS. I heard that to get out of VRS without moving the cyclic you have to have almost twice the lift required for a hover, which the over loaded gazelle certainly does not have, yet I seem to be able to stop a rapid vertical decent with a quick pull of the collective. FM issue or problem with my testing?
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