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  1. Apparently the Scenery Removal Zone function is not working in multiplayer and apparently ED isn't all that interested in making it work. So I wonder, now when refueling and rearming finally works, is there a workaround for removing the objects that will work in MP?
  2. Maybe this can be of assistance: http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Anv-m%C3%B6nster.pdf It´s not what you are after, maybe, but it was what you would have been given as a guide, should you have had to paint anything in that pattern in military service.
  3. I have used CCIP when being assisted by a buddy who does the lasing. My team mate finds a target, gives me the location, I put the pipper on the target/general area and pickle. It is even possible to do it in level flight at altitude using whatever it´s called, where the pipper is visible when it should really be far below the HUD, and you hold the pickle button until the bomb is released automatically. So yes, CCIP is possible and a valid way to use LGB´s. :-)
  4. Maybe setting the unit ROE to "hold fire*" and have a trigger zone with a radius of the desired launch distance which commands a change in the unit ROE to "Fire at will*" whenever a blue coalition unit enters it could work? But that would have the unit fire at any blue unit within it´s entire range, so it´s not exactly what you´re after. *Don´t remember the exact terms used in the ME
  5. Yes there is. In the "show all units" list window, there is a checkbox labeled "Show hidden units" or something to that effect, that does just that.
  6. Hi I am creating a mission where I want a ship to change course when the players do a show of force flyby. My question is simply, is there a way to make the ship choose to go to waypoint 2 instead of waypoint 1 when a trigger is triggered? Ground vehicles, I have found, have a "go to waypoint" command that would solve this, but ships don't. best regards Erik G
  7. I think it extends when on the ground due to the fact that it is hydraulically operated. It opens so that it will be open when the aircraft is shut down. The RAT bay houses among other things the oxygen fill port.
  8. AFAIK there is no overspeed protection on the real aircraft. The manual simply says that there is a risk of damaging the generator, and that use of the generator at speeds above 700 kph should be limited to emergencies only. Why you would extend the RAT while airborne at all while not having an emergency is beyond me. :-) But should you lose the generator and be at speeds above 700 kph and don´t want to deploy the RAT, I guess you just reduce throttle and let the air bring you down to under 700. Meanwhile you´ll have to live on battery power. However the battery only powers the DC circuit.
  9. If it´s the tracers you´re after, you need to select an ammunition type with tracer on the stores loading page.
  10. Why sometimes 120 chaff/flares, why sometimes 60? Just a quick question: Sometimes I have 60 chaff and 60 flares when I start in the Viper, sometimes 120. I haven´t figured out which loadout it is that gives me the 60+60 extra cartridges. I assume it´s a launcher mounted dispenser or something else I´ve missed? I bet some of you know right away what it is and can give me a quick answer.
  11. Those drop tanks, aren't they J 29 Tunnan tanks?!
  12. I love the MB339, not only does it look nice, it handles nicely too. But I have a question: Is the analog fuel gauge not implemented yet, bugged or is it user error? Mine seems stuck at just above 600kg. This caused a rather undignified grass landing after a mission :-D The digital readout seems to work though, but that alternative is sadly missing from the rear cockpit. Anyway, I love the module and I hope it will be developed further and improved on.
  13. Is the F-16 worth buying right now? If you´re a hot shot test pilot, who likes to try out the newest stuff and be a part of the development, then YES. If you´re a combat pilot who need something that reliably kills your opponent in hostile skies or at Red Flag, then NO. I think the F-16, as it is now in Early Access is to compare with a bare bones prototype aircraft early in the test program. It flies, but is not ready for war. The Hornet on the other hand, while still in Early Access, is like an operational fighter that is quite capable, but not yet at its full potential. Eve
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