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  1. Hi...come today to search in all this thread but seems to me that new Su27 6DOF pit integration its not oficially confirmed.....right? It could be a surprise but not confirmed yet....?
  2. When I saw the anouncement at first sight I tought that I will buy it. But when I saw that they only focused in F15 stuff only, realize that I will not get it. In fact I received a mail (as any other customers here for sure)that makes me feel important, but after realizing that a Flanker or Mig will not get the same attention as the Eagle......"New 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) cockpit and model for the F-15C"........Improved cockpit art for Russian aircraft well you now the rest. I own LockOn Flaming Cliff Flaming Clliff 2 BlackShark A10C (since the beta) P51 (since the beta) B
  3. Yes........They for real make me feel like a low priority now.
  4. Thats not my case because most of the times I cant wait to enjoy this releases and they know that. So sadly I will end buying a product that I already have because I was excluded only for own an upgrade instead of the standalone version.
  5. I mean the stick that controls pitch and roll movements. Negative I use mouse cursor to move the switch No but Im seriously thinking into make one to investigate
  6. Today was the second time that happens. So I will ask here. When switching from automatic tracking to gun sight switch it turns the IT Monitor skvhal display on. Is that normal? It also appears to block my Cyclic control lever (it stops responding inputs) other controls are Ok. Colective Control Stick its Ok (it continuos in normal op.) Any other experiencing something similar? Thanks
  7. With basic English skills and some movies you´re going to get it!:thumbup: Cheers
  8. Well...dont know if already posted so sorry if I repeat these pics! I´d like to share here and if someone that knows ciryllics here maybe want to notice whats changed or not from our lovely shark. I know that first pic could be tricky to read because of the reflections I thought they are interesting! Cheers
  9. Thank god! I was afraid to start looking like a "its a placebo effect, nothing was changed" I lack the capacity to express in English as you, but enough to me to say Trim in BS2 its different than BS 1.02:joystick: Cheers
  10. Hi. Are there all the missions in the directory compatible with BS2? or they need to be updated by his creators? Thanks!
  11. Yes, I was talking about those pics Chichlidfan..... and I was interpreting them in a wrong way In the third pic I thought that the A10 pilot shut the laser system off and for a few moments the laser energy been applied over the target was still shinning. dont know how to express in english (still radiating some laser energy) Thanks
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