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  1. Tried out the F-14 during the recent free modules period. After a few hours of practice I jumped into the campaign and the AI ruined it for me (just like it ruins almost every other mission where you have to rely on AI) - Bandits hot, already spiked, well within Phx range ... but Jester needed instructions on how to use the radar. - AI wingman missed most of his shots and went suicidal with AIM-7s and -9s. - Other supporting flights joined the fight and it all became a massive "Charly Foxtrot" like this is Ace Combat. And this goes back all the way to LOMAC. Over a decade l
  2. First you ask about PAWS, now triple GBUs. DCS is supposed to be a sim - it's in the name - and I'm tired of people trying to turn it into a game with no rules where they can do whatever they want.
  3. This is why I was talking about MASTER and SLAVE. The TGP isn't sending information directly to the Maverick. The plane takes the information, does some math and passes instructions to the Maverick.
  4. It depends on your monitor refresh rate. 50hz = 50fps. 60hz = 60fps. 144hz = 144fps or 72fps (half). 60hz just happens to be a very common refresh rate. 30fps would be fine most of the time, but in a dogfight you want at least 50 or 60fps. It makes spotting and tracking targets much easier, especially over cluttered areas like forests or cities. What you should do is: check your monitor refresh rate setting (somewhere in the Windows display settings) enable V-sync for DCS play a mission and watch the FPS counter (iirc: LCTL + Pause) FPS should always be eq
  5. Sorry to be blunt, but you're wrong. If TGP and plane weren't aligned, how can the TGP be slaved to a waypoint accurately? It can't! The whole system works based on simple trigonometry. The plane knows its own position and the position of the steerpoint. It then calculates a vector and sends that to the TGP. "Hey TGP, could you look 20° to the right, 30° down, please?" ... if the TGP is misaligned by just 1° it will look in the wrong direction. It's exactly the same issue as with Mavericks before boresight. Same the other way around when creating mark points (not implemented yet)
  6. Can't find the manual in a reasonable time, but kept coming across this line: "An on-gimbal inertial navigation sensor establishes line-of-sight and automatic boresighting capability." So, I'd assume the TGP boresights itself by exchanging INS information with the plane during TGP startup or there is a DED menu for it. The Maverick doesn't have such an INS, hence the manual boresight procedure.
  7. You have to contact ground crew (not ATC) and request take off. Once you get behind a jet blast deflector the deck crew will 'wave you in'.
  8. We know what you want, but it works differently in DCS. Go into the control options and click on "Modifiers" on the bottom. Click "Add" and set up the button you want to use for the shift function. Press the button while mapping controls and the modifier will be added.
  9. When boresighting you're not aligning the Mavericks to the TGP, you're aligning them to the whole plane. You can also boresight in VIS using the HUD, but most people tend to do it with the TGP. The SOI shouldn't matter at all. In practice the plane takes a known location and only tells the Maverick which direction to look. Boresighting makes sure the plane is sending the correct directions. Without it you would always get the same offset, regardless of which SOI is used.
  10. The pilot does it in the air, preferably at maximum possible range. On the ground you can't get the required view range (obstacles, terrain, etc), you'd get parallax errors and the Mavericks wouldn't align properly with the HUD and TGP. These errors aren't modeled yet, but that's probably going to change at some point. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/258806-maverick-bore-sighting-is-always-perfect/?tab=comments#comment-4539578
  11. My bet is also on Hover Hold. Below 10 meters (radar altitude) it will disable the Pitch, Bank and Heading AP channels. Hover Hold needs to be disabled before the AP channels can be reengaged. Other than that: INU power, generators on, RPM to auto.
  12. This is hilarious. I can only imagine a Steam player who only owns FC3. Probably only flying casually on Aerobatics Online and feeling left out when the F-14 and F/A-18 players are having fun with the SC module. Why else would somebody buy a module blind even if basic logic dictates it's not going to work?
  13. Ripple firing has nothing to do with the problem shown in this track. The screenshot was taken from the track, approximately from the same direction as your plane. The Maverick's (wide) LOS hits the tower in front of the BTR and starts tracking that.
  14. It's an issue with how optical sensors work in DCS. To put it simply: when commanding a lock (either manually or through handoff) the Maverick will cast a ray (aka. draw a line) along its LOS. This ray has a certain width to allow for some error, so the Maverick will still snap to the target. In this example there is a light tower in the way. The ray hits the tower first and the Maverick slews over to the wrong target. It gets much worse with vehicles on the road, because you'll often have street lights in the way, which you can't even see on the WPN page (using IR). This real
  15. @impreza The Ka-50 we got right now is modeled after #25 from 2000-2003. In order to model a new variant ED would need certain documentation, which is prohibited by the new law. Why is this so hard to understand? If you don't care about realism and just want Iglas, play EECH or something.
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