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  1. Confirming that I am having the same problem with the rockets. Won't fire if bombs are loaded as well. Also if I put the plane on unlimited ammo I can drop the bombs once and then they can not be used. The guns and canon continue to work.
  2. I thought I understood what was going on there with the curves but now I am not so sure. A short time ago I reset my curves to straight lines per a suggestion on a couple tutorials. Very convincing to go with VR and mothball the big screen. I even started pricing some of these VR sets. Perhaps I am not suppose to talk about $s here but the range of $s is an order of magnitude. Almost 2. I assume I need the expensive set to get the immersion we all want. I am going to have to find one someplace and try it out. I have heard of using the autopilot and the trim for
  3. Probably should have mentioned I am not VR so asking about the zoom may be moot. I have heard that VR is the way to go with aerial refueling because you get the depth perception of something so close. Is it time to go with VR? A couple of years ago the consensus (IMO) was that VR was not there yet and to go with 3 flat screens. Trash the monitors and fork out the money for VR? Oh man. Variable or split throttle - I am quite surprised. I have not seen or heard or read about this anywhere in DCS. I just queried all the key words and got nothing. I then tried it. Again surp
  4. I made too big of a deal about the arch and should have just asked what I was really wondering about. That is how much zoom if any do you recommend? Some people think it is important. This is the last thing I am wondering about pertaining to aerial refueling for the moment.
  5. I now see that it was a mistake to keep looking at the air speed. You lose the perception of what the tanker is doing. Apparently with practice one can perceive minute changes in what the tanker is doing relative to one's own aircraft. There is a video out there on refueling the F-16 which recommends looking at the fuel feed to get a more accurate picture of your speed and the speed of the tanker. Of course I don't remember them saying how often to look at the fuel feed, but it sounds like looking at it at all is unnecessary when close to the tanker. Keeping my eyes on the ta
  6. Thank you for the responses. Both perspicacious although they are not in agreement. I wouldn't say they are diametrically opposed either. I agree that the biggest problem is the throttle but what can anyone recommend for that? I end up constantly looking back at the air speed. If I fixate on the plane I am sunk. As far as using the rudder, I will try to be more aware of reduced speed when using rudder. I am very interested in the RW. That is the main reason I do all this. Are we under a similar situation as real pilots in regard to what we are discussing here. That is
  7. I am getting better at Air to Air Refueling and noticed that I could be using roll too much instead of rudder. I saw some posts that highly recommended using the rudder when you need to move horizontally a small amount and others said that they did not own decent pedals and that roll was fine. Before I force myself to break the habit of rolling I thought I would check with the community. I know this could be a personal preference issue but I have noticed I still get into those dreaded up and down oscillations. At first I thought it was the refueling plane hitting turbulence but now I think
  8. That is good news. When you say fixed does that mean we will see it on the next version? Another issue while we are here is the conventional takeoff and handling at night. The only difference between it and the conventional takeoff and handling is that someone turned off the lights for the night version and added the line "do it now" pertaining to turning on the APU at night. This was an opportunity to go over the lighting, the NAVFLIR, etc. Granted this is suppose to be in the Night Operations tutorial but I don't see having a separate tutorial for the conventional takeoff and
  9. I had the same problem. I noticed wheel chocks on the front wheel only. Since the engine was running I could not remove them. I somehow missed removing the wheel chocks or it was not in the tutorial. I have noticed in the Laser Guided Bomb tutorial that the tutorial seems out of date with the current TPod. I am not sure if that is what is happening here.
  10. Thank you so much for the reply.
  11. I can't seem to find this answer by query. I must be slipping. Not that I mind being a junior anything at an age where I am applying for Medicare but how do I go from Junior Member to Member to Senior Member to Veteran...? If the answer is out there please just point me in the right direction. Thanks
  12. Thank you once again. This is the kind of help I need. I am not even sure I have these files in the right spot. DCE folder is under: C:/Users/My Name/Saved Games/DCS/Missions/Campaigns/en/ DCE_Missionscript_mod is under: C:/Program Files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World/Mods/tech/ I have had these files about everywhere and this is where I gave up. I also used OvGME in different locations but gave up on it for now. The MissionScripting file contains: --Initialization script for the Mission lua Environment (SSE) dofile('Scripts/ScriptingSystem.lua
  13. Thank you for responding. Almost missed it within these prune issues. Yes I used Notepad++. That is what the instructions called for to modify the path.bat file in the init directory even though I seem to recall using it may not be good for editing certain files. But the line turned blue like other comment lines so I figured it was okay.
  14. Hello, First I want to say thank you for all these campaigns. Second I tried to load the Ka-50 campaign - ran it and got this error message on the first mission: sanitizeModule('os') in MissionScripting.lua has not been disabled. Mission results...will not progress. a message about getting restored to defaults after updates. And the old message ...at your own risk. I tried the -- in front of the specified lines to make it a comment with no effect. Still got the message and it only apparently ran the first mission. I tried using OvGME Ap
  15. I am having the same problem and have a thread going with the title "Sidearm Not Locking Up".
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