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  1. I was trying to report what I thought might be a bug. I included a track file because that is what was requested when reporting a bug. Apparently the lower part of the boom being permeable and the upper part of the boom being impermeable (or has collision) is not a bug. The upper segment of the boom having collision especially when the lower segment does not is what I was not sure about. The point at which I backed into something is the only thing I was concerned about showing on the track file.
  2. Thanks for responding so quickly. I am a better pilot than what the track file shows. Perhaps not a lot better. I made that track file quickly to get something on the Forum. I was trying to show the position of my plane under the tanker when I went down. I have seen the tutorial and a number of others. I did not know how to edit the track file and I should have told you to disregard everything until I am under the tanker. ie. Fast forward until I am under the tanker. Sorry about that. I thought I was " keep an eye on the tanker under belly lights". Are you sa
  3. I posted this issue under "Boom operator kills you in multiplayer" but no one has responded as yet. So I thought I would post it under its own topic. For one thing, my problem has nothing to do with multiplayer specifically. I am using single player on DCS World OpenBeta on the Caucasus map. I thought it might be contributing to their problem. I am working on AAR in the F-16c Viper. The lower colored extension segment of the boom is like the drogue basket for Navy planes in that it will pass through the aircraft being refueled. (I have seen the boom going at my chest.) However
  4. Apparently, after you have unhooked from the tanker, the boomer is not moving the boom. If you move forward, the front of your tail can catch the wings on the upper segment of the boom, knocking you upwards and taking down both planes.
  5. Apparently you can take down both planes simply by moving your aircraft too far forward where your tail inadvertently strikes the upper part of the boom. The Boomer is not moving the boom out of the way. Perhaps you are already aware of this aspect.
  6. I may be way off base but this looks quite similar to the problem I have been experiencing. It is the reason I was browsing this post. I am not using multi-player. I am working on Air-to-Air Refueling(AAR) in the F-16c Viper. The lower colored extension segment of the boom is like the drogue basket for Navy planes in that it will pass through the aircraft being refueled. (I have seen the boom going at my chest.) However, the upper segment of the boom, with the "wings", will not pass through the aircraft about to be refueled. (I ran my aircraft into the upper segment of the boom while usin
  7. Probe and drogue is the same as boom and receptacle? You just solve ED's interactive training budget. $0. You might check on a training put together by Bankler I believe on carrier landings. Some people seemed happy with it. I really don't know why you chose me to level this criticism. I would rather start up an aircraft than hear a wingman say, "Shack!" I don't consider a plane unless it has a fully clickable cockpit. And I am now proficient at AAR on the Hornet and the Harrier. Got there in the last 2 weeks. I was fairly close.
  8. Have you even flown a helicopter? A Ka-50? I wrote I had no idea what a "cheat mode" would look like? Why are you writing this to me? I was looking for something to give those having trouble learning AAR other than "stand up and fly right". I think they do care about flying well. It is that time issue. I am not sure why you think I don't know this. My "nightmare" comment was hyperbole for levity. I actually posted a question " Rudder or Roll for AAR". I think more people said Rudder. Rationalization or not. It is
  9. I agree with shagrat as well. I don't know if you read my post above. I was trying to suggest an intermediate measure that would not necessarily include ED that might help out people struggling with AAR. That suggestion was a training campaign geared towards AAR that would have formation practice. I have read other post's where people seemed happy with a carrier landing training mission that apparently had triggers in it to let the pilot know how they were doing. I basically was criticized by another member paragraph by paragraph. This reminded me that if I am having trouble
  10. Thinking further about this issue, maybe I do have a suggestion. Perhaps someone could come up with a rigorous training program. Someone who has some skill and experience at training and that knows the mission editor and is proficient at AAR. (This of course counts me out on several levels. There is a interactive tutorial on carrier landings which is quite good and has the structure for each mission similar to what I was thinking would work.) Of course a different training program would be needed for each plane. The training program could be structured as a campaign with the following miss
  11. I have not been able to master the low hover from speed/altitude in the Ka-50 myself even though I feel okay about flying the Ka-50 without the game flight mode checked. Comparing AAR to the hover maneuver is more appropriate than comparing it to flying an aircraft since both are specific maneuvers. I will say I can achieve the maneuver given enough time and room. But that doesn't help much when under fire. By asking this question, I was hoping to get an idea of how hard learning AAR is for the people who don't want an "easier way" of AAR. Some people say it isn't hard. To me
  12. Perhaps this question is gratuitous, but I am curious as to what DCS pilot's second most difficult thing to learn in DCS is. I presume aerial refueling is the most difficult for everyone. My second most difficult thing to learn would be flying the Ka-50 with the Game Flight Mode unchecked. More difficult for me than a carrier landing. I would put aerial refueling much more difficult than learning the Ka-50.
  13. Thank you for the response. I just found it in the Supercarrier manual. Sounds like your memory is right on with the way you described the different powers. Also it is why I looked under calls and not under grades. It is under "calls" inside a 1/2 mile where your plane is under glide slope and sinking rapidly. There is no string "PPP" in the manual. Only power, Power, POWER. Which I understand to mean "You are about to crash into the stern!" Still I think this is a minor glitch where it is not a grade but a call. Somehow PPP got put in the grade string. Not that I am complaining - ED
  14. How do you know this? From what I read they should underline it to show emphasis. Why not _P?
  15. Not sure if I just missed it but I keep getting "PPP" in my grade string from the LSO. Is this Power Power Power? Or something else? I have also gotten 3Pts. for 3 points so I don't think it is that.
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