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  1. Order #4528 received today & fitted. All working nicely!
  2. I just use a switched USB hub to switch between sticks. Works for me!
  3. Chinook for me. There was a loaded gunship version also.
  4. I was constantly having this problem until i changed usb ports. Restarted oculus & all seems to be ok now.
  5. Just tried it as well. Can slew now but wont lock anything:(
  6. Sensor control switch right if using right ddi, then you should see a little diamond appear in top right of ddi. You can then use the slew button.
  7. Not getting the freezing yet! but have got the radar elevation problem.
  8. Just what I need! Awesome tutorial matey. Now just need to go & practice, practice, practice
  9. Same sort of spec as you, I just use the high settings tab. I get around 60fps (monitor is 60hz).
  10. Cannot get it to work with 2.5. I am using the android version. Works on my 1.5 version.
  11. This is still a problem for me also.
  12. Whenever i try to watch a successful landing by using the watch track button, i don't even manage to get off the ground before a random crash occurs that did not happen during the flight i had just completed. This usually happens after about a minute or so of starting to watch the recording. sometimes it just veers off the taxiway & gets bogged down in the mud. This is very frustrating as i like to watch back some of my flights to try & learn what went right or wrong. As a complete newbie to all this flight sim stuff, it makes a steep learning curve even steeper. This also has started
  13. Hi, I was trying to adjust my controls by pressing escape in game & then hitting adjust controls. The board comes up but when i double click a cell to assign/ change a button, nothing happens. I tried coming out of game & adjusting on the options tab but that is the same. Works ok in 1.5. Cheers Rob
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